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Report February 2021

Emerald Pool PURITON ROAD, WEST HUNTSPILL.SOMERSET TA9 3NL(01278) 794707 / 07974862503 5th February 2021 Fishing at Emerald pool is quite at the moment for several reasons, one it’s February two were in lockdown; only a handful of local anglers are fishing and three the water is very cold due to being iced over a week …

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Report April 2020

My son mark is catching countless doubles from all the pools especially emerald on any bait put in front of them surface fishing is the best as you can pick the size of the fish therefore eliminating the smaller ones if you fish on the bottom you’ll catch all other species if the carp don’t get to it first

Report February 2020

Emerald Pool 2nd February Plenty of fish caught on Jade this week even though the weather has been unpleasant but not cold we’ve had them on the bank with all different methods local Taffy Richards on the pole and several carp anglers on the bite alarms and also from the surface even on the fly …

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Report’s November 2019

Work begins at Emerald Pool as teh fishery closes during works for teh first time in 30 years

Report October 2019

Emerald Pool Fishery PURITON ROAD, WEST HUNTSPILL.SOMERSET TA9 3NL(01278) 794707 / 07974862503 Good fishing all round this week with Jade producing good doubles up to 19 1/2 pounds talk of two larger ones but no sizes if it was you please let us know in the comments section of this page.Ruby is normal easy fishing …

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Report September 2019

Emerald Pool PURITON ROAD, WEST HUNTSPILL.SOMERSET TA9 3NL(01278) 794707 / 07974862503 A fantastic week at emerald with the weather being warm and sunny and every pool producing large bags of fish Collin Walsh one of our long-standing anglers who’s been fishing here since we opened and is a good angler and friend of mine had …

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Report August 2019

EMERALD POOL PURITON ROAD,WEST HUNTSPILL.SOMERSETTA9 3NL(01278) 794707 / 07974862503 5th August Great week fishing as l thought it would be with large amounts of carp from all pools with jade averaging up to forty carp in a session Being very common although most just under the twenty-pound mark with countless doubles all round to most …

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Report July 2019

EMERALD POOL PURITON ROAD, WEST HUNTSPILL.SOMERSET TA9 3NL(01278) 794707 / 07974862503 7th July 2019Brilliant weather this week and some great fishing as well see pictures of fishing on Jade below.Some lads staying on site calling themselves Slipways jolly boys here are there results.Ruby Robert moon 192.3Graham ridge 135.6Steve O’Toole 108.13Jason Cooper 98.13Dave hill 50.13John masters23.9Total 598.14Emerald pool.Rob …

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Report 7th – 14th February 2019

EMERALD POOL FISHERY PURITON ROAD, WEST HUNTSPILL. SOMERSET TA9 3NL (01278) 794707 / 07974862503 7th February Today the weathers warmed up and we’ve got anglers on sapphire emerald and jade plenty of fish moving and getting caught in all the ponds no massive catches to talk of but its still only early February and all …

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