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Report October 2020

EMERALD POOL PURITON ROAD, WEST HUNTSPILL.SOMERSET TA9 3NL(01278) 794707 / 07974862503 2nd October 2020 Well that was a week; rain yesterday put all of our ponds up to near flood level but the persistent anglers done well regardless of the weather we had night anglers on emerald pool itself and the end carpark peg when …

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Report September 2020

What a great week at the emerald. Had 3 days on the ruby pool and on each occasion had over 50 carp .from 2lb up to 9lb plus a couple of perch pushing 2lb and bream to 3lb just fishing the margins with corn and pellet. Fished the emerald pool on 3 days and had …

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Report August 2020

EMERALD POOL PURITON ROAD, WEST HUNTSPILL.SOMERSET TA9 3NL(01278) 794707 / 07974862503 2nd August The fishing on Emerald pool itself has improved greatly this past week with Taffy Richards one of our regulars who’d struggled a bit just lately as the water settles back down after being drained during last winter had a much better day …

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Report July 2020

July already lockdown eased and a flurry of images, reports and Anglers own words; tight lines.
The Webmaster

June Report 2020

2nd June 2020Just for information regarding any matches discussed or booked for this year due to the current situation with the virus and social distancing we are not holding any matches until further notice l anticipate that this will not change until at least this coming winter if not next springl have one for frys …

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Report May 2020

Emerald Pool re-opened on Wednesday 13/5/20 at 6-30am I’ve moved this here as some people have only been reading old reports and coming to the conclusion it is still closed: I hope this highlight clarify s and helps, tight lines. (Webmaster for Emerald Pool)

Report April 2020

My son mark is catching countless doubles from all the pools especially emerald on any bait put in front of them surface fishing is the best as you can pick the size of the fish therefore eliminating the smaller ones if you fish on the bottom you’ll catch all other species if the carp don’t get to it first

Report February 2020

Emerald Pool 2nd February Plenty of fish caught on Jade this week even though the weather has been unpleasant but not cold we’ve had them on the bank with all different methods local Taffy Richards on the pole and several carp anglers on the bite alarms and also from the surface even on the fly …

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Report January 2020

EMERALD POOL PURITON ROAD, WEST HUNTSPILL.SOMERSET TA9 3NL(01278) 794707 / 07974862503 Welcome to a New Year and a year of tight lines and expectations: It was a great days fishing on Jade yesterday with all anglers catching lots of fish and local young chap who’s name I’ve forgotten sorry mate had when ld spoke to …

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December 2019 Report

Welcome to the final reports of 2019, its been a great season and I hope youve all enjoyed following Alans great reports as much as I have. Looking forward to more next year and see how the lakes play out in their new furb; for now heres DEcembers Reports.¬† Mark (Webmaster for Emerald Pool) EMERALD …

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