Report February 2021

Emerald Pool

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5th February 2021

Fishing at Emerald pool is quite at the moment for several reasons, one it’s February two were in lockdown; only a handful of local anglers are fishing and three the water is very cold due to being iced over a week or so ago and the relentless deluge of rain we’ve been having lately good news is there can’t be much more up there ( is there?)
Anyway, good points are today it’s not raining ( at the moment) the lane has now been levelled so to the people that found it difficult the problem is no longer there so apologies to everyone for that Ruby is fishing well if you fish correctly one angler on the back of Ruby who l just spoke to has already had nine carp pole fishing tight to the island and his words there not moving and staying in the reeds so you’ve more or less got to drop in in front of them and then they’ll take it immediately exactly the same for sapphire Emerald has produced some good doubles but is a little slow at this time but some quality perch have been banked by local angler Ben Saunders from Ruby and emerald and he was deliberately fishing for them so great angling from him not simply catching them by chance Jade is still closed at the moment and should open in the spring but I’ll see how that goes the fish are being fed by myself regularly and are without a doubt putting on weight
Yesterday in horrible conditions Dave Whitehouse from Birmingham and Colin Walsh from Walsall both caught well in excess of 400 lbs each in a two-hour match with only a few ounces between them hard to decide the winner so a drinking contest made the decision with expert Dave just beating Collin by a gallon not so sure he’d have done that back in the day.
OOps just woke up dreaming again sorry lads but the summer will soon be here the days are getting longer and the dark nights shorter hopefully more freedom on the cards as well

16th February 2021

Weathers warming up this week and the fish are definitely on the move spring isn’t far away and will be a relief from all the wet dismal days we’ve had recently Local Ben Saunders caught a decent double from Ruby the other day and a father and son yesterday also on Ruby when l spoke with them the young lad had had three roach over a pound and the father had had several nice carp.
In all honesty, there’s not really much to say as due to government restrictions fishing is generally quiet at the moment but we are still open daily from 8 am until dark and you just turn up with no need to book Food is still available daily and just ring the number on the board and it will be brought to your swim at any time during the day, unfortunately, there’s still no night fishing allowed but the days are getting longer and it was after six this evening and still light enough to do my evening check before locking the gates,
I’ve been heavily feeding the carp in Jade and l see them most days and there definitely putting on weight with little fear of people as they’ve not been fished for since the beginning of winter all the new fry from last year will soon be removed and put into the other three pools so as not to cause problems on Jade with them attacking the bait intended for the big carp and generally annoying the anglers if anyone wants to fish up there in the spring for the new small carp please let me know and l’ll provide a keep net so we can move them out and believe me there’s a lot of them
Weekly reports will begin again from March Roll on summer

21st February 2021

Today was a good fishing day at Emerald pool with Ruby producing 30 carp to one angler and some good results to others; on Ruby with a really nice carp to one young chap fishing with his dad if he sees this hopefully a picture might be posted And emerald itself is waking up with lots of fish moving around and another young chap had his personal best being a good double figure carp.
No one fished sapphire today and l fed them with bread on the surface and alright l know it’s hard to believe but it’s true Stuart Lansdown did catch one around 3lbs on l think floating bread probably a personal best for him as well and he’s got a picture of it maybe he’ll post it as well if he says his son caught it don’t believe him l witnessed it and it was definitely him.
Buds are popping out all around the fishery and daffodils are in flower everywhere making the place feel better and putting winter behind us Warm temperatures are on the cards for next week so the fishing will be good were open daily from 7 30am until dark and food is available at anytime just ring to order and it’ll be brought to your swim