Report December 2020

Emerald Pool

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12th December 2020

Just a quick report after talking to a few anglers today most fishing Ruby as even at this time of year it fishes really well and today as we don’t use keep nets at the moment these are estimated weights one between 70 and 90 lbs and another 35 to 45 lbs mostly carp up to low doubles but some nice perch and roach in with them.

Emerald is fishing much better now and good catches are now being caught with our local fly angler Bob from Taunton when l spoke to him was fishing emerald pool on the back bank and he had common around 14lbs and another similar size mirror and don’t know his final weight as l didn’t see him before he left but his way of fishing definitely works.

Jade remains closed at the moment and is settling down nicely ready for the new fish that are going in this coming spring Another of our local anglers Ben Saunders fishing yesterday on sapphire had quite a few carp in very cold conditions so in general it’s fishing very well considering its cold one minute then warm the next which is generally not good conditions for fishing it’s much better when it’s more settled wether it’s cold or warm doesn’t matter as long as it’s settled.

Only two more weeks and were in 2021 let’s hope for a better year for everyone and 2020 will be a distant memory I’ve had clubs asking to book matches for next year but until l know for sure what’s happening I’m not taking any l don’t want to be cancelling and disappointing people at the last moment.

Foods still available seven days a week but it’s up to you to ring and order it the phone number is by the net dip tank just ring and it will be brought to your swim unless government advice changes we will remain open seven days a week all over the Christmas period including Christmas Day gates open at 8 am and close half an hour before dark and changes as the season moves along.