Report November 2020

Emerald Pool

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6th November 2020

Great fishing weather today and as it stands at the moment fishing is still allowed and we’re open from daylight until dark food is still available all day every day and is brought to your swim as in the summer if there’s no one around or you miss our resident dinner lady on her rounds give her a call the number is on various notice boards around the fishery please try to support this service so we can keep it going.
Taunton’s Nigel Jackson is fishing Ruby today in very cold conditions after a hard frost and when l spoke with him an hour or so ago he’d had well over 50 lbs of mainly carp with two over 12lbs and a perch weighed at nearly two pounds and I’ve no doubt that he’ll catch plenty more Both sapphire and Ruby are fishing well but remember it takes a few days of different weather to level out and get the fish feeding so tactics need to be finer to get the best results.
Emerald has been a bit quiet of late but some good doubles have been caught up to seventeen pounds this coming spring there’s going to be a large amount of new stock going into emerald and a new stock introduction of large carp into Jade which is still closed at the moment allowing it to settle down to make sure it’s in top form for the new fish which will definitely be going in this winter into the spring season.
Looking forward to a good 2021 fishing season and this troubled year a distant memory Our holiday accommodation is closed at the moment due to the virus but hopefully, the fishing lakes will stay open if anything changes I’ll post on this page although I’m sure if people follow the rules fishing in general in the fresh air can only be good

8th November 2020

Just a quick report Nigel Jackson is back on Ruby today and fishing maggots to the island or in by his feet in a relatively short session had just over or just under the 100lbs with a good mixed bag of fish including five perch up to nearly two pounds some proper bream and skimmers plus some quality roach so large he thinks there hybrids but l don’t think so.
We’ve also got Bob fly fishing again and he’s catching well as he did on his last visit with carp to around the eight pound mark the weather is odd at the moment with hard frosts last week and today it’s like spring the fish must wonder what season were in let’s hope it levels out soon to a period of settled weather which gets the fish feeding more confidently Watch this page for updates regarding the restocking of emerald and Jade which will be done this winter season and will form part of the completion of works not finished earlier this year.
  We’re open daily at the moment and will remain so unless government advice or instruction tells us different The gates open at daylight and close by dark hot and cold food and drinks are available everyday and brought to your swim as required the phone number for orders is by the net dip tank and on the kiosk wall please try to support this service so we can keep it going throughout the winter.
Our holiday accomadtion is closed now until next March due to the virus and we’re now taking bookings for 2021 please book in plenty of time to avoid disappointment although it seems a long way off next summer will soon be here.


22nd November 2020
To start today’s report just to let people know that we are open and will remain so unless government advice says differently although are our holiday cottages are all closed and are not opening until next spring for obvious safety reasons and government guidelines.
l just walked around talking to anglers and one on Ruby who was here last Sunday is back today with a friend had a great days fishing last trip with around 50lbs of carp and some good silvers all decent sizes and four big perch fishing the margins by his feet so I’ll let you know how they get on later.
Taunton’s fly angler Bob has been a couple of times last week and always catches around seven or eight carp genuinely on the fly it’s interesting to watch him; Sapphire is fishing well with carp into mid doubles a regular feature along with many silvers it’s actually fishing really good which is nice to see.
Emerald has been difficult of late due to temperature fluctuations and the aeration pumps on one minute and off the next but it was necessary to keep the oxygen levels on line it’s now off and hopefully, things will be more consistent: The night anglers from Friday when l spoke with them, had a few carp between them with the pumps on and last night the pumps were off so I’ll report on that later.
The weather is good at the moment and quite mild so try to enjoy the fresh Somerset air whilst isolating and fishing at the same time what could be a better way to spend a day Food is still available although at the moment you have to ring and order and it’s delivered to your swim at any time during the day to suit your requirements the phone number is by the dip tank and on the wall of the old kiosk please try to support this service so it can continue all year round.
Although most of our anglers are very good there’s been a few recently who have been leaving their rubbish behind and more irritatingly throwing it over the fence which makes it difficult to remove can we please ask everyone to take their rubbish with them as it’s not easy for us to get rid of l would really appreciate your cooperation with this and apologise to the anglers that already do as part of there normal fishing trip.
Jade remains closed at this time and is now drying out nicely my grandson Luke is still fishing it as its privilege and is catching some good fish which are fed daily on pellets to keep them healthy whilst we’re closed; also Baz who is doing a regular report on the place also fishes it to make sure people know how it’s going and will document all the new fish as they go in but they are the only two with no exceptions! It will remain closed until next spring but if that changes I’ll post on this page.
Gates open at 8 am now and close by dark seven days a week and change with the seasons

22nd November 2020

28th November 2020

Baz on Jade today

30th November 2020