Report October 2020


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2nd October 2020

Well that was a week; rain yesterday put all of our ponds up to near flood level but the persistent anglers done well regardless of the weather we had night anglers on emerald pool itself and the end carpark peg when l spoke briefly to him had had seven good carp and talking to one of our guests mark Cassidy staying on-site fished the back bank of emerald yesterday in horrible conditions but didn’t give up and ended up with 20 carp from 7 lbs to good doubles a great day for him for not letting the weather beat him.
In general, all pools fishing well and local angler Ben has been catching well and he fishes all the pools but his preference is Ruby and he regularly has catches of over 20 fish. Please send in any pictures taken, we will post them on our sites, also any catches we don’t know about please let us know and we’ll post them as well.
At the moment due to very high water Jade is closed anyone wanting to fish get in touch first and I’ll see at the time how things are going although it will be closed during the winter we may allow it to open on occasions but it will be pre-bookings only and you won’t be able to just turn up and fish.
Food is still available daily please try to support this service to keep it going I’m told by many anglers that it’s very good and well worth the money you get a lot for a fiver Gates open and close with the daylight of the changing season so if it’s light were open if it’s dark were closed unless your night fishing.
The holiday cottages are not being rented after this month apart from one weekend which is already booked and will not open again until next spring book now to avoid disappointment for next year it’ll be here before you know it lets all hope for a good one.

18th October 2020

After a spell of fishing in general being a bit slower than normal it’s now back on great form with plenty of doubles coming from emerald pool itself with local Ben Saunders catching many up to around 15lbs please see pictures posted over the last few days including this evening and joined by baz today with a 12lb common from peg one Talking to a angler as he left this evening from fishing Ruby today he had a great session including 16 perch his words big enough to get a golf ball in there mouths He also had plenty of carp and some really good roach as wellSimilar results on sapphire with good bags of mixed fish all round Our local fly angler Bob from Taunton has been catching on Ruby and sapphire with his fly tactics and it’s quite impressive to watch him and it seems to be a different but but very good way of catching We’re still doing food every day and if you miss our dinner lady on her rounds give her a call it’s getting a bit colder now and she doesn’t go out as much if she can help it ( she’s getting on bit now and not as nippy as she used to be)Jade is still closed at the moment and is drying up nicely All other pools Emerald Ruby and sapphire are open daily if it’s daylight were open if it’s dark were closed unless your night fishing mild weather on the cards for the next week or so which will lead to good fishing conditions We are taking bookings for our holiday cottages for next year now so book as soon as possible to save disappointment soon this year will be a distant memory and as the spring of 2021 is only weeks away let’s all hope for a good one and some great fishing times aheadSorry Andy pilinger l forgot you not really mate when l spoke with you on your last trip you had a good few on the floating crust as normal so it still works even with the weather getting colder and in the spring there large amount of new carp going into emerald pool which will have never seen floating baits so that should prove interesting you’ll have to bring a lot more bread with you l’m sure you’ll catch stacks of theml won’t post many more pictures for now but watch out for our monthly picture montage done by baz the bearded carp puller and please keep sending them in so they can be added to it

Baz the bearded carp puller: Hit a low double this morning, nice condition the fish are in.

Ben Saunders First carp of this evening from rear bank of emerald pool l’m sure it won’t be his last

Luke Dyer One of many today peg one emerald pool

Luke Dyer again 16lb carp.

Dave Whitehouse with one of many commons from Emerald.

Dave Whitehouse