Report September 2020

What a great week at the emerald. Had 3 days on the ruby pool and on each occasion had over 50 carp .from 2lb up to 9lb plus a couple of perch pushing 2lb and bream to 3lb just fishing the margins with corn and pellet. Fished the emerald pool on 3 days and had 25 plus carp each time with a better stamp between 4lb and 9.5lb, those double figured ones eluded us, just fishing the margins again. My pal Mez fished outside the cottage on Sapphire pool a few times and loads of carp again up to about 9lb. All I can say is just keep things simple with feed going in little and often. Please thank Verney as well for keeping us fed and watered. Started fishing here in 1996 when first opened and have seen lots of changes but the fishing quality has never changed and will be back again next year. Cheers folks c u soon.” Dave Whitehouse Sounds like Dave had a great week staying in Lauren Cottage last week.

Baz Bearded Carp Puller

Pond to myself and could still only net one tough fishing but I’m game for the challenge have few target fish on my hit list.

6th September 2020

Grey skies this morning and everything’s wet the signs are all around saying clearly that Autumn is just around the corner and the fish will feed well during this period as the weather settles in some good results last week from all pools and a couple of strange ones with Bob from Taunton leading the way with another good day on the fly taking three good doubles from Jade yep you read it right on the fly which is generally a successful way for him and I’ve watched him with interest on many occasions and believe me it really does work another surprising one is that we’re having a lot of perch from Ruby and some are being weighed at over 2lbs which is a good size by any standards Emerald itself is slowly coming back to its normal self after the works last winter and some good carp well into double figures being caught from all swims, Sapphire has similar catches but with a report of a good session of over 50lbs of bream for an angler whose name I’ve lost but when he reads this perhaps he let us know.
We’re now selling pellets on-site and it’s the ones we feed our new fry on so they will definitely work see Verny our dinner lady on her rounds or give her a ring and she’ll bring them to you ¬£2 a pint well worth upping your chances for a bait that’s going to produce as from next year ( not far away) Verny will also be selling more bait and fishing tackle everything you’ll need to fish here
Virus allowing there will be a new shack for sitting in and buying all your requirements no longer have to worry about leaving stuff at home we’ll have all here at good prices please try to support her and make it work and if it does it will improve and increase to your needs as time goes on. Gates open at 6 30am until 8pm and will adjust accordingly as the season moves on.
We have accommodation on site please watch our video on Facebook and ring 01278 794707 daily between 10 am and 7 pm for prices and availability Shortly we will be posting more information on the cottages including prices

9th September 2020

This is Stuart from Wigan staying in Jasmine cottage had over 130 fish in ten days including bream and tench along with many carp on a variety of methods and bait.

15th September 2020

l’m a little late with my reports this week and will do another towards the end of this week Strange weather of late with seasonal conditions settling in and then back to full-on summer with temperatures hitting the high twenties the fish definitely get affected and there feeding pattern changes l’ve had some good anglers struggle on Jade but some successful Sunday night West Huntspills Ethan had three good doubles not the bigger ones but all nice fish to just under the mark at 19/10ozsat least he’s honest.
So the point is stick at it, they are there to be caught, use the right bait at the right time on the right day and that’s all there is to it ( probably not so easy)Even Ruby and sapphire slowed up a bit but reports from some at over 50 carp in a session is great news mostly caught right along the margins Good doubles caught from amongst the sunbathing carp in Emerald pool itself which I’m sure are sticking there fins up at anglers once again persistence is the key this weather is going to cool down soon so back to normal conditions by the weekend as it should be for Autumn.
l was going to report on Baz the bearded carp puller; but that’s another story so l’ll leave that one for now and do it another day he’s going to have a good day soon: Food is still available at any time during the day just catch the dinner lady on her rounds or give her a call the number is all around the site on notice boards this coming week l believe we’re in the angling paper in the were to fish section, l think the times but could be the mail so watch out for that one.
We are now taking bookings for holidays next year 2021 in our cottages which are going fast so don’t miss out some short breaks are still available for the end of this year and early next year Ring for details and availability on 01278/794707 daily between 10am and 7pm
Gates open at 6 30 am and close at 8pm which changes as the year goes along

22nd September 2020

Fantastic weather here at Emerald pool with winter just around the corner this is just what we need plenty of fish from Ruby on all methods and bait l’ve had reports of up to fifty carp in a session from several anglers saying they’d had the best days fishing ever.
Emerald itself has an aeration pump running at the moment as there’s to many double figure carp in it and it keeps the oxygen levels high which in turn gets them feeding Sapphire is once again being neglected by many and l don’t see why as the cottages located on it are doing well to the anglers staying with us l think it’s simply the most distance away from the others.
Jade is without doubt quite hard at the moment but is producing good doubles to some anglers watch this space for details on new large carp hopefully going in soon which will be a great addition shortly after introduction we will be closing Jade for a while to allow it to settle down so don’t miss out on an opportunity to catch some very big fish before we do Food is still available daily and delivered to your swim see our notice board for details or our resident dinner lady on her rounds.
We still have a couple of vacancies in our cottages for October and the 3rd to the 17th in holly cottage as becoming available it is two bedrooms and sleeps four please ring 01278 794707 for prices on this one and any others were now taking bookings for next year and they’re already going fast book now to avoid disappointment Gates are open at 6 30am and close at 7 30pm which changes with the seasons

30th September 2020

Difficult report to do for last week without sounding boring and repeating myself as nothing much has changed except the weather which is good for general fishing all round and as the season moves on towards winter the fishing at emerald really gets going as the fish are getting far less food and start to taking anglers baits more readily
l’ve had some good reports from the holiday makers on sapphire pool and l’ll post the pictures later (which really means l’m thick and can’t do it and my granddaughter will when she sees this report) hopefully that is
There’s aeration pumps running now in Jade and emerald 24 hrs a day and will be for the foreseeable future to put the oxygen levels up which also makes the fish feed and that is proven today with dramatic improvement in Jade
The work that didn’t get finished early this year due to the virus will be completed soon with new big carp into Jade and general fish sorting through the winter to make the spring of 2021 a really good fishing time and put things back to normal
Hopefully the virus and 2020 will be a distant memory and life will be easier
Food is still available daily and ordered and brought to your swim
Gates open at this time of year at 6 30am and close 6 30pm and changes with the season if it’s daylight were open if it’s dark night fish if you like
Watch this space for regular updates we will not be closing for any work and fishing is available all through the winter.