Report August 2020


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2nd August

The fishing on Emerald pool itself has improved greatly this past week with Taffy Richards one of our regulars who’d struggled a bit just lately as the water settles back down after being drained during last winter had a much better day on Friday with 17 carp most of which were doubles or very close to it along with skimmer bream some proper bream and also crucian carp and l’ve heard similar stories from people in general on my walks around the fishery
This morning on Jade l spoke with some night anglers and one of them had a low twenty at 5 30 this morning and that’s eight over twenty reported to me this during last week with plenty of good doubles including some very near to twenty they really are putting weight on and before very long a good few will be over that figure with at least two nudging the 30lb mark this coming winter this will be a truly big fish water
Sapphire and Ruby providing brilliant fishing all round with relentless action to all species but the mainstay carp in the 5lb range but some lovely roach and perch to specimen sizes
Vernys still bringing food to your swims daily and if you miss her the phone number is printed around the fishery so give her a ring and get her moving any time you’re hungry
We still have a few holiday vacancies for this year but not very many and bookings are now being taken for next year which are going fast so book now as it’ll soon come round and what better way to self-isolate than fishing in the fresh air let’s all look forward to a great 2021

9th August

It’s report time again were did that week go nothing has changed much but the warm humid weather l thought would make the fishing not so easy and on Jade that is the case but if you want a guaranteed double that’s the pool to fish as there’s no carp in there below 10lbs and you can see them cruising around all over reported to me last week was a good head of mid doubles with two over twenty pounds biggest not going quite 23
Two massive sturgeon caught at over 100lbs(ONLY JOKING) but watch this space
Edd bull from Clevedon had over 20 carp from sapphire in a very short session in hot humid conditions just to prove experience really does count as Taffy Richards done the same sort of amount from Emerald pool on Tuesday and most of them were doubles
Ruby is on its normal ultra-easy form and it would be difficult not to catch
All in all another great week but the weather makes it more challenging do you feel like running around when it’s hot and sticky well neither do the fish so you have to work at them a bit more they won’t be as lively as the spring or Autumn and therefore generally lazy and well-fed
Talking of food you can order daily from Verny who comes to your swim to take orders for various things including the popular meal deal and hot and cold drinks if you miss her give her a call the number is on boards around the fishery
We still have the odd spaces available in our holiday cottages for the last part of the year so if you need to get away from the madness of the world at the moment come and self isolate with us and spend some time breathing the fresh Somerset air you can move into one of our cottages and be completely left alone there’s fishing outside the French doors bring everything you need for your stay and you don’t have to go near anyone until you go back home
Another hot week on the cards so the fish will be getting used to it and looking for food
We open at 6 30 am until 8 pm daily and day tickets are £8 for one rod £2 for additional per person
24 hrs is £25 and there’s lots of room to bivvy up barbecues are allowed on site as are well-behaved dogs(their mess is your mess) please clear it up and take it with you

Maria Parsons with Lee Rawlins.
A lovely weekend spent on Jade, weather was very hot managed to bag a few, my misses went on Ruby for half-hour and caught a nice little carp 😊 we always manage to catch which is great, so see you soon Alan & Thank you, Miss, for the lovely food you bring to us. 

Keith Raynsford
Day 2 still fishing great to day many fish

Anglers Own Words Mark Cassidy 

Alan and Anita are an amazing couple ..polite who make you feel welcome ..they have done a fantastic job of the fishery. the cottages are clean and well looked after and not to mention the fishing every time I’ve been I have the best fishing. its up to you what you want if you want go for the big boys or get 1 a chuck all in all its brilliant place with brilliant people love this place.

12th August
Anglers Own Words Ash Ashton

So decided to go fishing at the wonderful Emerald pools.
Got there at 6:30. Had a quick walk around pools, I fancied fishing Ruby! as I could see lots of carp topping and feeding bubbles.
I set up as soon as I could, I decided on 3 lines. Shallow, ground bait line 4m out, and a inside line(never used).
I pinged 4mm feed pellet out towards the island, I drop my Shallow in, 3 seconds dibber shot under and a nice mirror carp of about 4-5lbs. It was non-stop action all morning, I did change to bread punch or a slower falling hook bait, this really did the trick, I had 30 carp by 10am all between 4-5lb, so say average of 4.5lb x 30 =135lb of carp amazing fishing.
I fancied having ago at the silvers on the ground bait line that I been feeding from the start, so I could relax a bit, from the off I had lots of skimmers to 1lb all on corn with a few small carp mixed in. I kept pinging out some 4mm to island. Was not long before the carp were going nuts.
So back out on the shallow line, again a nice carp was on with in seconds of bait hitting water. The fish had wised up a bit, I started missing a few bites. But still action packed. 5pm came, I was absolutely knackered 🥵😴😂. Must of had another 20-30 fish (if not more lost count🤷‍♂️). All from 1lb to the biggest of the day a nice 8-9lb common. So I must had 200lb+ of carp, and 8lb of slivers.
What a full throttle day of fishing I had.
Looking forward to my next visit.
Bait used
Aldi frozen corn.
4mm & 6mm sonubaits feed pellets.
Dynamite F1 low feed ground bait.
Rigs used.
Drennan .3g crystal dibber to 6lb main line, 5lb hook length, to size 14 hook.
Preston F1 4×12 float 5lb main line, 4lb hook length, size 16 hook.
Pole used MAP 101 3g 13m with MAP TKS Black 12-16 elastic.

17th August

Because l tell it how it is the fishing on Jade last week was difficult with only a handful of carp being caught obviously due to the warm humid weather with night time temperatures being what you’d normally expect during the day but the persistent anglers or lucky ones have caught some nice doubles and enjoyed the hot weather
Ruby is just as good as normal with two anglers from Swindon catching 46 carp between them all in all a great day for them and frankly, they’re not to difficult to catch no matter what the weather
Sapphire also doing good with plenty of mixed bags including some good double figure carp and perch to specimen size

Emerald itself has produced some good results with regular Graham from Highbridge having plenty of carp up to 15lbs l believe although it’s also been affected by the hot weather and the carp can be seen sunbathing on the surface enjoying not getting caught ( on holiday I’m sure they’re giving you the fins up)
Andy Pilinger from Bristol had over a dozen carp most over 10lbs on floating bait he always seems catch no matter what the conditions
Ash Ashton had a tiring day on Ruby last week and did post a report but for those that haven’t seen it over 200lbs constant action all-day
So to sum up not easy unless you’re on Ruby or sapphire but good results on Jade or emerald to those who want the better fish
Don’t forget we do food on site now and our resident dinner lady is Verny who will call to your swim daily for a food order and bring it to you be patient she’s only little and takes a while to get to you as she gets tired quickly (ha ha )
We open daily at 6 30am until 8 30pm and night fishing on request we don’t take bookings just turn up and choose your peg we’ve plenty of room all pools are now fully open

18th August

‎Stephen Penn

Nothing until after 3pm then things livened up on Emerald. Finishing with this 14lb beauty. Great day.

19th August (Kat Pavloue)

Had a lovely day today, fishing Ruby with the family. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. Such a beautiful place. Will definitely be back again.

22nd August (Don Sage)

Nice fish today 23lbs from Jade

23rd August Emerald Pool Report
Some good fish from Jade last week with three over twenty pounds Don sages being the largest to my knowledge and plenty in the eleven to seventeen range the initial pressure after lockdown is now off and the fish are getting hungry so hopefully one of our biggest will be on the bank shortly Not to much to say about the other pools as nothing has really changed Ruby as usual is very easy and there’s been some bigger carp from it and sapphire l’ll report again in a few days as we’ve got Dave whitehouse here for a weeks break and l know that his results will be good from all pools and his normal form is to fish a different one each day already he’s had many large carp from emerald pool fishing close in the margins you can’t buy experience and he’s been fishing here ever since we opened so he knows what he’s doing its well worth listening to him and if your around watch him for a while everyday is a learning dayDon’t forget there’s food on daily and if your hungry and you miss the old girl ( dinner lady) on her travels around the site approximately 9am give her a call numbers on the boards around the fishery and wake her up she might sound a bit grumpy but don’t worry it’s not you its just the way she is but apparently the foods good and worth it please take your rubbish home with you as we can’t easily get rid of it and it’s a problem that some anglers give us and we shouldn’t have although most are very good and hopefully everyone will soon be the sameGates open daily at 6 30am until 8 30pm we don’t take bookings just turn up and pay on the bankFor your security and ours there ARE cameras all over the site working twenty four hours a day seven days a week with a heavy presence on Jade our specimen pool we consider our fishery to be secure and are upgrading the system as time goes along The weather has now cooled down and better for general fishing l’ll report again shortly

25th August 2020 John Cooper
Had a really good day on Sapphire today, carp to 6 lbs, skimmer bream, roach and perch. Excellent mixed bag for some sixty pounds plus. First visit – will be going again.P.S. burgers are delicious and bought to your swim. Brilliant!!

Donald Sage on his holidays just caught the big common weighed in 26lb that’s three 20s this week for him he’s now named this fish papa Don 100% papa Don is on my hit list now

26th August 2020 Micheal Wilkins
Come down today with the boy and went on the ruby pool and caught 20+ carp and 2 bream brilliant day fishing and food was also amazing being delivered to our peg. Staff really friendly and polite. Will defo be back in the near future and can’t wait thanks.

30th August 2020 Report

Hopefully the weathers going to stay on the dry side for a while as l’m sure we’ve now had enough rain for the time of year and an Indian summer would be good Anyway to the report Dave whitehouse from the West Midlands stayed with us last week and l’m waiting for him to send me some more exact weights but l know that as usual he done well on all pools with weights exceeding 200lbs on Ruby more than once and similarly on sapphire and bigger carp average eight pounds from emerald pool Bristols Andy pilinger had over a dozen carp from emerald on two occasions with a good percentage of them into double figures and the average once again in the seven to eight pound range all on floating crust which is his preferred method and always gives him results but he’s been doing it for a long time and knows what he’s doing you can’t buy experience it’s the same with Dave whitehouse he’s been fishing here for 25 years so knowledge can produce good fish on days were others may struggle as carp and other fish in commercial fisheries spend there days eating and trying not to get caught and they have become clever especially in emerald itself and Jade which although not so heavily stocked has produced some great fish this week with plenty of doubles mainly mids around the seventeen mark four twenties last week but none since the god father Don sage went back home to Wales another experienced angler who proves regularly that he’s got the edge and always succeeds on Jade regardless of stocking density Come on baz there waiting you’ve got to be in it to win it Just a reminder that foods delivered to your swim daily either with our little resident dinner lady Verny (yes that really is her name) or give her a ring numbers around the fishery let it ring for a while as she’s probably sleeping after walking round a couple of times as she’s only got little legs and it’s a long way round but the foods worth the wait Gates open daily 6 30am until 8pm