Report July 2020

July already lockdown eased and a flurry of images, reports and Anglers own words; tight lines. Webmaster


Scott Warburton  recommends Emerald Pool Fishery.

Good fishing 🎣 would highly recommend

Anglers Own Words

Returned to emerald fishery after 15 years and just getting back into fishing over last few weeks with the wife. Fished quite a few local venues last 2 weeks. The emerald lake delivered best session yet.
6 lovely carp In total.
Great facilities, food and drink on order and great fishing.
Thank you 👌 — with Natasha Ferry.

Baz The Bearded Carp Puller
So with a few hours spare this afternoon decided jump on jade after my successful night few weeks back but on arrival few guys leaving said only managed a few fish between them I then seen Alan and he backed it up aswell not fishing to well like expected from a low stocked pond that’s been fished constantly for two weeks filled in fish picking and choosing what to eat so set two rods up on pva solid bags one with white wafter (worked last time) 2nd on krill boilie 2 hours passed not even a liner then and then a opportunity came to me a nice common sitting in reeds to left of me so I grabbed my stalking rod peice of bread and lowerd it on his head bang he took it nice mid double common then rain started and new something needed change so brought both rods in and put pink pop ups on both again solid bags tight to the reeds within 5 mins in water one went off a low double then recasted and 30 mins later another rocket of a common then it died down and unfortunately no more for me but for me it’s good it’s not easy and have work for them fish the old jade you could lower a haribo in and catch if your looking for a active day I’d try saphire or Ruby if your patient and looking for them bigger stamp fish then this is the pond with the lilies growing and the fish nothing below a double and only get bigger casper the ghostie was 16lb this time last year now 20lb its going to turn into a lovely mature specemian pond in the future see you soon baz

Report From Alan

Fishing at Emerald pool last week in itself has been a mixed bag with Emerald pool being a little hard but with some good catches including good double figure carp and as an angler left last night told me he’d had 15 carp and a great day so persistence is the key at the moment
Ruby is on normal crazy form and you must watch your rod or pole or it’s going in yes you know who you are hoping I’ll get it back for you and also the one that’s been dragged into sapphire I’ll do my best to retrieve that one as well, on the subject of sapphire it’s got some cracking double figure carp in there and there being caught regularly one of my locals today had 18 fishing by the Lillies today and that was a couple of hours before he left
Jade has got over the initial easiness and the fish have now realised that people are a danger to them so now until we restock later this year they’ve got to be worked at but make no mistake they are still getting caught but are not quite so stupid they learn very quickly I’m hoping that our new big carp will be here in there new home this coming Autumn which will be here before you know it and then for a while they’ll be stupid and get caught almost straight away baz has volunteered to video them going in for me so for that he’ll be the first to fish for them and Jade will be his for the initial 24 hrs should be an interesting time l for one am definitely looking forward to it after that we will take bookings for a limited few swims and there be a few more for people who just turn up but booking is recommended great times ahead and the signs are that the fish in Jade is putting on weight so why not come along and give it a try

Anglers own words

Richard Meade: Good day fishing today !! Started on Jade for a few hours! saw some lovely fish but no bites. After lunch, we moved to Ruby for a bit of sport and had 17 out between us. Nothing big but good sport and nice clean healthy fish.

Sun is shining on Jade
Monica Pricop is with Andrada Petcu 

12th July 2020‎

Anglers Own Words (Lee Rawlins / Marie Parsons‎)

Had a couple of successful weeks here , this weekend beat our pB on Jade so very happy with that , would recommend this place as very nice lakes ,nice size fish & friendly owners . 

13th July
Anglers Own Words
(Andrew Willerton)

well what a great time at emerald pool fishery of late I have had, I found this pond about a month ago thanks to a friend and wow action all day, my first visit was a 24-hour session on sapphire and caught 58. the next visit I went to lower ruby close to jade and caught 38 in 24 hours.
so then it occurred to me about this weekend that has just passed about setting myself a challenge. 48 hours fishing one pool 100 carp. I used 3 rods on method and had the 4th set up for float for when it got warm in the afternoon. I started on the mid area of ruby but found a better spot-up closer to sapphire on Ruby to settle into my groove, after 48 hours I caught 91 so very very close. I also counted my losses which I count as on the hook and in process of catch but either snag unhooks or other problems that can occur and I lost 23. so my total could have been 114 total. but an 80% success rate is still very very good.
I will be back to try again soon and can’t recommend ruby enough or sapphire for a good day fishing it might not be the biggest fish but with a good match rod, they give a good fight.
i have not tried the emerald pool yet but I been stalking some spots and will be fishing this one soon.
thank you, Alan, for making me feel like this pool is one of my new go-to places to fish.
stay safe everyone and see you bank side soon
Andrew from Glastonbury

Anglers Own Words (Luca Vincent – Rhys Hicks.35m)

Another good day at Emerald Pool Fishery the carp in jade are weary so you got to work but they are in there !

Baz Bearded Carp Puller 
Two fish yesterday on my campaign for a very special fish at jade pools but thought this warrior 100% deserved a shout out!!! Casper I’m coming for you

Another great week at emerald pool with lots of upper doubles to most anglers from Jade and now we have opened most of the pool with the exception of the new Lilly pad area which is permanently out of bounds the choice of swims is much easier and the need to book is now not so important most of the fish are caught in the margins up to 10 meters out or on the surface as in the middle there’s quite a lot of soft silt and a heavy lead will sink the bait out of sight which is why you can sit there for long periods without a bite if the fish can’t see it you’re not going to catch them hopefully I’ll have some pictures from anglers later and I’ll post them as l get them
Ruby and sapphire not really much to say super easy fishing with massive amounts of carp to everyone being slightly larger in sapphire having said that there’s plenty of doubles in both
We had a young lady willow and her mum, Sara, with us a few days ago first time fishing for both and they caught two specimen perch fish that a lot of anglers fish for years to catch just goes to prove that right place right time and there catchable to experts and beginners alike I’ll have more time to spend with them next time and get them to catch some carp
Emerald is still a bit patchy but regular decent catches all round of carp and silverfish
Shortly we’ll be posting pictures of our holiday accommodation we have five available and still at this time have some vacancies for October which is our last month for holiday accommodation in 2020 we are now taking bookings for 2021 please ring for details and prices 01278 794707 daily from 10am until 7pm
Four of them are on sapphire and fishing is right outside on the decking and easy access to all pools is minutes away each cottage has a lockable bait shed with a fridge and each one is ideal for self-isolation in these troubled times
Our largest cottage sleeps seven and is in its own grounds very close to Emerald pool and is behind locked gates and comes with keys to emerald main gates for easy access our gates open at 6 30am until 8pm for day fishing and are locked at night so night anglers are in a secure environment
Nice weather on the cards for next week so good fishing expected in all pools

22nd July 2020

Anglers Own Words (Baz the bearded carp puller)

So end of my little campaign chasing Casper finally today was day he braced my net jade isn’t the same jade but me personally think that’s for the best as no fish is under 10lb and there only getting bigger this was my fish from last 3 sessions and only 7 fish in three sessions ain’t the old jade think this fish now have the room and food to keep growing top place for nice chilled fishing but hard but if your like me and love a challenge get on it this ain’t the biggest fish in pond I know of two maybe 3 bigger at the moment can’t wait for Alan to put these fish in on October and give me some new target fish but for now I’m happy with casper weighing in at 21lb 10oz remember to don’t neglect the margins guys and don’t need fill it in I been fishing over top of groundbaits and corn and pink fruity done me casper but also been catching on northern baits bnb there’s thousands of fry in there at moment and bread that goes in that water they destroy like a pack of piranhas some carp was coming up for dog biscuits but if honest no two days been same for me down there in last few sessions you have graft for these fish as they become very wise good luck anglers see you soon
Baz bearded carp puller

Report from Alan

Fishing on Jade has been better than l anticipated it would be with baz catching one of our four ghost carp at over 20lbs and that’s not the biggest plus a few other good doubles and l’ve just spoken to one night angler who had seven in the night smallest 14 lbs largest 19 lbs so those who put the time in get the results
Emerald also fishing good at night and some good doubles up to 18lbs and during the day mixed bags with good bream and some cracking crucians one angler had five to my knowledge fishing the margins under the weeping willows on the far bank
Ruby once again not to sound boring but to not catch would be difficult and l had to rehouse a good double into Jade last week as he and a couple of his mates are dragging poles into the pool and breaking lines as there to large to be in there so be aware a lot of small ones just get into the rhythm and wallop not so small that time (apparently them poles are expensive and the fish don’t care about that)
Sapphire is in the best form it’s been in for years and countless carp to an average of seven to ten pounds regularly caught with quality roach and tench from all swims
The years quickly slipping past us and although l’m sure a lot of people of us look forward to 2021 hoping it will be better but who knows enjoy the rest of 2020 in fresh Somerset air it’s got to be good for self isolation without even trying good fishing weather on the cards again next week so l’m sure the fishing will be the same
Our Holiday cottages are now taking bookings for 2021 and are and do go fast book now to avoid disappointment we do have some left for this October but not much please ring 01278 794707 daily between 10am and 7pm for details
We also do food on site ordered and delivered to your swim throughout the day 7days a week please see or ring Verny phone number on several boards around the fishery or catch her as she’s walking round which won’t be difficult as she’s only little and can’t walk very fast