June Report 2020

2nd June 2020
Just for information regarding any matches discussed or booked for this year due to the current situation with the virus and social distancing we are not holding any matches until further notice l anticipate that this will not change until at least this coming winter if not next spring
l have one for frys angling for later this month but can’t contact them if anyone could let them know that there match will not be going ahead ld be most grateful
Many thanks

It’s not all about fishing

7th June 2020
Odd weather this week or rather last week has gone from too hot to back to winter now woke up to warm sunshine well let’s hope the fishing is changing as well which l know it will I’ve seen it all before we had no one on-site for months and the fish were nearly tame and also hungry all the time and catching them WAS child’s play then people back on the scene and you can see the difference immediately the fish know and anyone who thinks there stupid needs to be more alert or your fishing will be much harder and there’s one main reason mountains of food (bait) thrown in and it’s not necessary the only so much a fish can eat and if they’re not hungry you won’t catch them until they are
Anyway yes emerald pool has been difficult l don’t lie and make up stories about tons of fish getting caught unless it’s true but they’ve been on the bank but much quieter than people expected them to be but several anglers l spoke with had really good mixed bags including some good doubles not the over twenties l know are in there ( unless l’m not being told) some anglers like it that way and there’s been some that’s struggled Ruby and sapphire on great form with anglers in their own words going home for a rest with arm ache that’s because there access is a little more difficult so the food chains are broken and not so many free offerings are getting thrown in so there always hungry and lots of fish to low doubles caught and of the two sapphire is fishing slightly better and at the moment the cottage swims are available as we can’t let them at this time due to the virus so give them a try let’s hope for a more settled week ahead which always makes the fishing good
l’ll post some pictures later as soon as l get them
Jades still closed and l’ll let you know as soon as it’s opening and yes there hungry in there you can see them through the fence looking for food and cruising around and l know it’s irritating but when it opens watch this space somebody’s day will be amazing watch this post for updates

19th June 2020

There’s good weather on the cards for next week and the fishing in emerald pool itself as at last started to get back to a more normal state after the initial impact of lockdown restrictions being lifted which meant to much bait being thrown in making the fishing more difficult than expected but it’s settled down now and plenty of good double figure carp are getting caught local Taffy Richards had ten on Tuesday up to 15lbs and two anglers today had five to over ten pounds also Shaun from Bristol fished last night in horrible conditions but still managed a few good doubles
Two night anglers on sapphire during the week both had great results with constant action all night to over 25 carp mostly 7 to 10lbs with the odd mid double in amongst them
Ruby is on normal form with plenty of fish all round with some cracking perch to over 2lbs and loads of skimmer bream and roach
At the moment night fishing is allowed on all our pools except Jade which remains closed but hopefully not for much longer l’ll post as soon as l know when it’s going to open
Gates open daily at 6 30am until 8pm
Day tickets £8 one rod £2 additional per person
£24 for 24 hrs from when you start also per person

24th June 2020

Jade Opening:
There are three double swims open for night fishing on Jade as from Friday the 26th; £25 for 24 Hrs at the moment it’s only for 24 Hr slots There’s enough room for approximately seven anglers. After this weekend 24-hour slots on Jade only will be from midday to midday if you arrive early you can’t start before your time this way it saves confusion of people arriving and departing at different times: This doesn’t apply to the other three pools
As from Saturday 4th of July, all our holiday accommodation will be open as usual any information required please contact us.

25th June 2020
Just a quick heads up on Jade l let a couple l know do a night on Jade last night on peg one and speaking to them briefly this morning there just going to have a sleep as last night it was non stop big fish action and no chance of sleeping l don’t know sizes yet but there’s nothing in there under ten pounds and l believe Sammy smashed her personal best right out of the water.
Its I’m sure going to fish very well into the rest of this summer until they become used to anglers baits
They spawned and there’s a lot of carp fry swimming around and every three years from now we will drain it down and remove all the small carp so the size and quality of our fish stays as specimen our intention is to buy new large carp which would have now been stocked by now but all movement stopped due to the virus so we’re now hoping for it to go ahead this coming Autumn/ winter for the moment there are only three swims that are open two doubles and one that could take three please contact for availability and booking is strongly advised
We might open more swims but not yet and probably not this year
The areas we’ve fenced off are strictly out of bounds as there’s all lot of expensive lilies been planted so hopefully anglers will not break the simple rules in place but if we found that was the case we’d close the pool until at least next year without a second thought
We have a new CCTV camera setup working 24 hrs 7 days a week around our site as a safety issue and it never turned off it’s also amazing at capturing wildlife footage it’s hard to believe what’s around at night including big deer and foxes
The world whilst we sleep is something that’s nothing short of stunning and l will post some of the more interesting videos later in the year so everyone can have a look
l can’t seem to remember if l was one of the ones that wished for hot weather, well if l was; we’ve definitely got it now I’m not going to say it’s to hot But! Ruby and sapphire are fishing really good with constant reports of weights well over the 100lbs being had on various baits and tactics. l’ve been allowing people to use the cottage swims on sapphire and they are still available for a while but from Saturday the 4th July they are once again for holidaymakers only and are definitely closed
l’ll post the sizes of the carp caught and this weekends results for Jade early next week

Anglers own words

What an absolute epic 36-hour session at Emerald Pool Fishery with Martin, I had 10 carp ranging from 3 or 4 pounds up to 17 pound in a steady non-stop bait up and catch rhythm and martin was up to 6 carp up to 10 pounds by the time I left. Awesome fishing as always, thanks Alan.

Anglers own Words

Barry Samuels (Bearded Carp Puller

So the day we all been waiting for jade pool to open back up after 2 months of maintenance work and with only 80 fish in it but nothing under 10lb we knew it’s was going to be different to the old jade stock and we was amongst the first few to fish it on opening day and man it didn’t let us down managing 22 of the 80 fish in stock
So we rocked up to pond mid afternoon to do some filming for f-ace baits TV (link below) and at first was abit worried about all us anglers fishing one side the pond due to work still not finished on other side but that was short lived when we seen about 10 carp cruising at our feet including a big ghostie was it the 27lb (who knows) but that got us buzzing to get them rods in and within 5 mins first fish was on Bank and that action carried on with fish after fish all through the night meaning we only managed hour sleep between us we decided to head off early leaving at 10am one tip I will give to you guys there no need bung a rod into middle the lake as for one there about 2-3ft silt sat in middle and two the fish are around the margins sometimes no joking at your feet we fished margins to the snags and had one rod about 20ft out in front us we caught on the f-ace baits clotted cream (white in colour) and f-ace baits high leakage strawberry scopex (red in colour) all in all was a relentless night with 22 carp between us weight between 10lb and biggest 16lb 4oz also like to mention the food at emerald was a bless expecially when no time to cook your own due to the action had cheeseburger crisps and kit kat and can drink all for just £5 can’t go wrong with that anyways top work Alan with the work being done and we will sure be back soon to get amongst those bigger fish but it was nice just to be back home on jades bank tight lines to the rest of you.
Barry Samuels aka bearded carp puller

Luca Vincent is with Mat Moss.

Good day at Emerald Pool Fishery nice carp from 10lb to 15lb

Anglers Own Words
Carson Moore
Friendly environment, lovely owners. Fish well stocked. Been going here for over 10 years and still the one I go too. Beautiful place