Report May 2020

Emerald Pool re-opened on Wednesday 13/5/20 at 6-30am I’ve moved this here as some people have only been reading old reports and coming to the conclusion it is still closed: I hope this highlight clarify s and helps, tight lines. (Webmaster for Emerald Pool)

Alls looking well at the fishery grass is growing everywhere as the foot traffic is no longer here the swims that have been bare for years are now green and lush and the only thing l don’t like about it is belive it or not it’s boring watching the fish climbing over each other to get at the enormous amounts of food we’ve got to throw at them on a daily basis catching them is almost to easy even with the very basic tackle we use below is what son mark caught yesterday all weighed
But not to the ounce these are true facts not for publicity
Common carp 11bs
Ghost carp 23lb
Common carp 15lb
Common carp 10lb
Common carp 14lb
Common carp 11lb
Common carp 10 plus
Common carp 10 plus
Common carp 10 plus
Koi carp 10 plus
Common carp 10 plus
All the ones that say plus were nearer 15lbs but were to lively to be exact
Jades crystal clear and looks really good and when it’s restocked there’ll be no more bleep bleep it’ll be a minimum double and there’s going to be a lot of them
We are open as government advice allows with sensible distances between people but that’ll be easy you’ll be safer here not much else but masses of fresh air and tons of fish
Just called by mark to see an absolutely immaculate 19lb common carp not a blemish on it caught on floating crust a great way to start the day
Stay safe hopefully see you soon

Amazing photo of a carp in the margins in Jade

We are now opening Wednesday 13/5/20 at 6-30am

We are not yet sure about night fishing we have a feeling it won’t be allowed so please check with us before turning up tonight fish
At this time we’re open from 6-30am until 8pm for day fishing £8 one rod £2 additional ones please bring the correct money
Please bring your own hand sanitizer and toilet paper to minimise contact with others
We are NOT open for anyone except anglers no just walking around to look only come to fish at this time hopefully things may get easier as time goes on

An anglers own words (Dan Sanders)
Just come back from a cracking 48-hour session just a few of the catches — at Emerald Pool Fishery.

Anglers own words (Baz the bearded carp puller)
Dropped into emerald pond for a quick over nighter, turned up just after 4pm and took a walk around to find the fish as the peg I wanted was taken found a few fish at back corner so decided drop in there for the night fished one rod off the island with a f-ace baits curried popup with a handful of krill boilies over the top and the other rod I put down margin close to some snags with a f-ace baits clotted cream wafter and partical over the top started off quite just a few small fish ranging from 3-6lb al I got into my sack ready for some shut eye and within 5 mins that margin rod ripped off and because it was locked up to the snags nearly took my rod in I know it was a better fish after about 10 to 15 mins it was in my net 16lb 4 common then it was quite rest the night gates opened again at 6.30 and the people started flowing in waking me so decide to bring rods in put fresh bait on and recast again few pasties from the margin rod and still nothing from the rod on the island then it goes screams off and landed this 12/13lb common all in all good quick overnighter cheers baz

Ps Can’t wait to get onto jade though!!!!

very good place to fish, me and my daughter had a great day of it! really good friendly owners. (Keith Sutherland)

Just a quick update on the fishing at Emerald pool now the carp have finished spawning a night angler on Sapphire pool which is very overstocked at the moment with carp from Jade caught 57 carp to 14lbs in his 24 hr session and that is now becoming a regular event on that pool which over the last few years has been neglected and l really don’t know why
Emerald itself was painfully difficult during spawning but now has begun returning to its normal way of fishing and one-night angler reported 19 carp with still plenty of time to go
Ruby well what can l say probably don’t fall in you’ll most likely get eaten the catches on here are relentless with fourty carp a common occurrence bait doesn’t matter they’ll eat anything and amongst the smaller carp a good head of doubles
And if your reading this Andy Dade plenty of silverfish and perch all round as l believe that you don’t like carp which is a personal choice and we do try to please everyone but if an angler can pull out good silvers in a predominantly heavily stocked carp water that’s a good angler and we’ve plenty of them that come here why not give it a go
Andy Pilinger one of our regular floating crust anglers struggled whilst the carp were spawning but now he’s back on his usual great form with plenty of good surface caught carp from emerald
Good weather on the cards why not come along and isolate yourself in the fresh air of the Somerset levels
We open at 6-30 am until 8 pm night fishing is allowed on all three pools and Jade remains closed at this time until water quality has been confirmed by the environment agency keep watching for updates and try not to irritate yourselves by watching through the fence the large carp swimming around in Jade enjoying the solitude with no fear of anyone YET l mustn’t tell any prospective anglers that l feed them daily on sweetcorn as that would make it to easy
When it’s open beware of heavy leads making your bait disappear in the centre area which has over two feet of soft silt in it no wonder people struggled at times if the fish can’t see your bait your not going to catch just an observation from seeing it when the pool was drained.

Kane Thornton

Well I must say I had amazing 48hr session at emerald pool fishery caught a few little nippers but ended up catching my first PB 13.5lb mirror carp now can’t wait to get the rods back out…
Thanks for Darren Coghlan for a good weekend.

31st May 2020

A great week at emerald pool with wall to wall sunshine and long hot days which is fantastic for the anglers but has never been too good for catching fish as they bask on the surface irritating everyone oblivious to most baits but we’ve had some really good catches from all pools with carp to 17lbs on emerald and doubles from sapphire and Ruby with several night anglers catching over 30 carp each a great atmosphere on site with barbecues from most of the night anglers leaving a temping smell in the air
The hot weather today got Ruby’s carp spawning again and that in its self is good to watch Jade is looking very inviting with carp well into the twenty-pound mark sunbathing on the top and not being fished for at the moment making them fearless to people a mistake that’s going to make them an easy target when we open it up shortly and I’m confident the catches will be good even taking into account there’s only eighty carp in there at the moment but nothing less than ten pounds a lot of high doubles with some spectacular ghost carp and a few fully scaled mirrors but the majority are commons
We open the gates daily at 6 30am until 8pm night fishing is 24hrs for £24 from when you start, stay as long as you like day tickets are £8 for one rod £2 for additional per person
We’re doing our best to make sure people on site are safe and everyone seems to be doing their part there’s hand sanitizer in the toilet but we’re asking people to bring there own to minimise contact with others
Another good weather forecast for next week so hopefully everyone will be safe and what better sport to do in the fresh air we don’t take bookings so just turn up and enjoy although we may do bookings for Jade as we don’t want to disappoint anyone that’s been waiting for it to be ready for fishing l’ll post on this page as soon as I know that it’s going to be opened.

Tight lines Alan

 Well done Zachary for a great catch 5lb Common with Alan Miller

Boys biggest carp to date a lovely 5lb common caught on his little rod again at the lovely emerald pool fishery ..thanks to Dan for his helping hand. — with Daniel Southwell at Emerald Pool Fishery.