Report April 2020



Not to state the obvious but were closed at the moment hopefully not for to long as social distancing won’t be a problem here and other similar places
But we’ll just have to follow government rules and until we’re told differently that’s the way it is
As for the actual fishing because we’re doing nothing and the fish need feeding and we are locked in to a very productive fishery the results are amazing my son mark is catching countless doubles from all the pools especially emerald on any bait put in front of them surface fishing is the best as you can pick the size of the fish therefore eliminating the smaller ones if you fish on the bottom you’ll catch all other species if the carp don’t get to it first
When we reopen the fish will be almost tame as there getting used to free food with no hooks in it and are loosing all fear of getting caught
We had planned to introduce some new large farmed carp into Jade this year making it a good specimen pool and now we have missed the fish movement date before this coming summer and now are looking to the coming winter to do it around October but who now knows if this will be possible and when there introduced ld like to be properly open as they will need feeding or weight loss will be a problem as farm fish are fed on mass to achieve there sale weight and to buy an expensive 30lb carp to potentially loose its weight isn’t a game l’m going to play but hopefully it’ll have calmed down by then and we’ll be out fishing again
Over the next few weeks were restocking a hundred doubles into Jade average size 14 pounds to 27 lbs with many around the high doubles 16 to 18lbs so it will be back in action very soon the water levels going up nicely and all the mud has dried up and lack of foot traffic is allowing the grass to regrow were it has been bare for years it’s going to look really nice and wild we will obviously continue to feed the fish on our secret baits so no one has the advantage which are floating bread dog biscuits and obviously cat biscuits (munchies) for the catfish and feral cats on site bottom baits are sinking pellets of which we have plenty at the moment the suns shining and is strange having the gates closed and no one on site but family l understand that safety is above everything else and hope everybody does the right thing so the fastest route back to normality can be achieved
got to go now l’m of fishing for a few hours until it gets to hot and then l’ll do the evening session and watch the sunset a few hours sleep and more sunrise fishing
Sorry if lm boring you l’ll post some really irritating carp pictures later

13th April

Well we’ve just had the best Easter weather for a long time and the quietist fishing in the 25 years l’ve been open empty car park is strange and spooky it really doesn’t seem right the fish are being fed and are virtually tame but l know that will change as soon as we reopen and who knows when that might be l’ve made some new swims on emerald and we intend to give them a go this week even l’m going to fish and l’ve never fished my own ponds before so this will be a first l’ll let you know how l get on l’m sure other family members will catch far more than me as all they’ve been doing since lockdown is fishing mainly on emerald with brilliant results it’s more or less a fish a cast certainly a bite a cast some obviously get missed and most of them are good doubles our intention is to get Jade restocked within the next four weeks with a good head of the biggest fish we have in our other three pools and it’s going to be good fun catching them let’s hope we’re open soon as ld appreciate some of my regulars helping to get them you know who l mean don’t you Jeremy and Andrew and how are you Damon let me know if your up to it l know you have health problems and l understand that your health is more important than catching approximately 100 easily caught doubles ( only joking mate) ld like to see you here the fishing from the main car park in any swim will be productive so distance no problem for you
all the reeds and lily pads are now bursting into life and the place looks amazing all brand new as Spring as sprung making way for summer when hopefully all our problems are slowly giving way to a more normal way of life as we’ve always been used to the realisation of the simple things that we all do as a daily routine including fishing getting taken from us literally overnight was an almost unbelievable thing and no one could have thought it would have been coming to us
Roll on summer

21st April
Fabulous weather here at emerald pool and not really much to report about so there’s pictures and videos being posted today of the fish being fed believe me they’ll eat anything there’s some pictures of marks garden showing what a terrible place it is compared to his sewage Lorry that he normally drives on a daily basis well l suppose you’ve got to make the most of what you’ve got he’s just finished today with stupid amounts of carp to 18lbs on floating anything they really are relentless
Also some pictures of Jade looking brand new and exploding into life it really does look good only thing missing is the anglers but hopefully that will soon change

In the next couple of weeks a lot of doubles are going into Jade l’ll leave it as long as possible as ld like it to be made public but time is going on and l may have to do it during the lockdown which will be a shame but the fishes welfare is important with the weather getting warmer the choice could be out of my hands but whatever happens all the fish will be pictured going in and each one individually weighed and posted on this page