Report February 2020

Emerald Pool

2nd February

Plenty of fish caught on Jade this week even though the weather has been unpleasant but not cold we’ve had them on the bank with all different methods local Taffy Richards on the pole and several carp anglers on the bite alarms and also from the surface even on the fly which is a surprisingly consistent way of catching them Bob from Taunton puts out the regular offerings bread dog biscuits and the like and as soon as there feeding confidentiality out with the fly and they take it more easily than the conventional bait as they’ve not yet got the idea that it’s dangerous and take readily
Two weeks tomorrow phase two of our major improvement works takes place and is going to take about two weeks to complete so watch this page for updates that will be posted daily
Don’t forget that emerald Ruby and sapphire will be overstocked for a while and will need all the aeration pumps in action to allow the oxygen levels to stay in the parameters required for the fish safety and well being and will at least be on all night and during the day as required it will not affect the fishing and probably make it very productive and were expecting big weights from each pool
Night fishing will be allowed on all three pools during this time and the chance of catching our big fish is going to be good especially at night sleeping won’t be an option with the rods out so just two more weeks and hear we go
Jade is still full to brim with fish at the moment and the aeration pumps are running at night for the first time in months today the wet ground is starting to dry up Spring is just around the corner we’ve got daffodils all over the banks and the days are getting longer roll on
l won’t forget this winter in a while it’s has been an enormous challenge and l know it will be worth it l’m really looking forward to the season of 2020 l’ll keep you posted
Alfie l haven’t forgotten you l’ll be in touch very soon bear with me

10th February

Cold wet windy miserable weather what else can l say and yes we’ve had a few anglers trying not to freeze to death on Jade and yes nobody’s blanked but no catches to go on about plenty of bream and carp mostly in the small range up to low doubles with several perch to just over 2lbs and some quality roach
Toinght we have a night angler good luck to him l’ll see him tomorrow and see if he survived his results will be posted later in the week
This is the final week before phase two of our major works and the weathers improving for the weekend after then Jade is being drained and all the stock relocated to our other three pools with the biggest going into emerald and the rest between sapphire and Ruby which will result in serious overstocking so the
Aeration pumps will be running 24 -7 but the fishing will be very good were closed for approximately two weeks so watch for updates on this page for daily information on fish sizes and species to come out of Jade as at this time there weights are speculation as to what is the biggest in there we’ll find out very soon it should prove to be an interesting time