Report January 2020


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Welcome to a New Year and a year of tight lines and expectations:

It was a great days fishing on Jade yesterday with all anglers catching lots of fish and local young chap who’s name I’ve forgotten sorry mate had when ld spoke to him over 30carp up to mid doubles on floating bread
Another young lad fishing with his dad had his first five carp and lost a good possible double at the net but cheered up when his dad fell straight on his back in the slippery mud all in all its in very good form considering the sheer amount of fish in it
The aeration pumps are now on and the carp are massing around them and it’s quite fascinating to watch them fearlessly swimming into the current BUT in a few short weeks phase two begins all the fish are going back into there other pools along with EVERY other fish that’s in Jade interesting time just around the corner pictures and videos will be posted including sturgeon ( if we found any that is)
The mystery will soon be solved as the work enters its final stage I’ve been told that sturgeon can get very large in small places with plenty of food we do have small places and plenty of food as for having sturgeon which we had originally stocked four and they were caught regularly for a couple of years
Well onto the weather the years kicking of damp cold and wet but our fish are definitely on the move
Our price has gone up from today it’s now £8 for one rod but still £2 for a second so making a two rod set up £10 costing an extra £1 at this time everything else stays the same £24 for 24hours per person there’s a few weeks left to fish Jade in its heavily stocked state and there’s a few matches in the new year the first one is January 12th and second is 26th and Jade is closed on those dates
When the fish are relocated into our other pools they will then themselves be overstocked massively as all Jades fish will be spread throughout them that’s going to be really interesting as they will have no large expanse of water to get out of the way in and the booked matches will be amazing weights at the moment on Jade if all the match anglers fish up to 14 meters with there poles the fish can sit at any distance over that and keep out of the way but not on emerald sapphire or Ruby they’ll be hungry and in the line of fire with nowhere to hide
I’m looking forward to those matches

5th January

Nice weather today and the fish although not as easy as people would like to think are on the move and are getting caught but in reality not really any more than before we overstocked it but having said that it is January and how would it have fished without the extra fish who knows?
Two-night anglers fished for 24 hrs on Friday and caught loads of carp but not any big ones but plenty of action, not a place to come to sleep you must stay alert or goodbye rods
Local angler Taffy broke his personal best with an 18lb carp this week and plenty of others and a few of them were reasonable doubles so once again without sounding boringly similar everything is going well and the pool is fishing well
Jade is closed next Sunday for a match with Phil Terry and will be finished by 3-30pm so any night anglers that want to fish on Friday night will have to be of the pool by 8 am with no exceptions
The mud is now drying up and signs of Spring are all around the place but apparently we’re going to get snow shortly let’s hope that there wrong as usual and just clever with there words and yes we’ll get snow but in the appropriate place such as the Scottish highlands were it won’t bother me it’ll look alright on the television and not on my little 10 acres in Somerset but l suppose it could be the other way around and if it does l ain’t even going out l hate snow
Anyway back to the fishing in a few short weeks Emerald Ruby and sapphire will be back in action and l can’t wait, every day at the moment seems like a year and the days although are getting longer but Gordon Bennett it’s bloody painful so slow
2 minutes 8 sec a day and yes I’m counting but the improvement is daily and gradually about an hour a month is on the cards as SUMMER approaches
Our charges have increased this year and a day ticket is now £8 extra rod still £2
24 hrs is still £24 so it’s only £1 on the day ticket price
Pre-booked matches with Phil Terry have no price increases

12th January

As l’m doing this weeks report its hard to think that it’s the 12th of January so l consider these to be good weights probably as good as anywhere in the country but firstly l had a night angler on Friday for 24 hrs and he had 17 carp to low doubles in not very nice conditions at all but you’ve got to be in it to win it and he proved that the weather makes little or no difference to the fishing
Today we closed Jade for a 13 man match held by boss Phil Terry and according to several of them if they hadn’t been destroyed many times by big carp ( or could it be sturgeon) it would have been a 200lb match from several pegs anyway l believe a really good day for them once again in challenging weather conditions some of there weights below and Phil might add more to this report later
Above are carp also good silvers with 25lbs and 21-10 being a couple of the best
Well done to all of them and there back again 26th of January maybe stronger tackle might be an idea
Phase two of our improvement works takes place in February and then Jade will be empty for a while and all our stock will be spread between our other three pools and that really will be an eye opener as their hiding places are going to be none existent to match anglers as everywhere will be in reach and l believe the match results will amazing but remember all our big fish carp and other possible powerful creatures l mean big eels not sturgeon well maybe but all will revealed over the coming weeks as our major improvement work is completed
very wet again forecast for next week but at least in my favour trying to pull a positive from lousy weather my pools will be back to full up again and ready for there restocking
Roll on

19th January 2020
Today’s report is a basic one as there not much in reality to say as it doesn’t differ much if at all from the ones in the month or so before today it’s just playing the waiting game for the spring to arrive and the works at the fishery to be completed having said all that the anglers we’ve had fishing and there’s been a few have all caught fish no matter what the weather and last night we had Nick and his 14 year old son from Bristol doing a 24hr session and rose this morning to a hard frost but actually according to nick they didn’t get much sleep due to constant action throughout the night from there alarms going off and when l spoke to them this morning that had produced 18 carp ranging in size up to mid doubles with son Kane matching his age with a 14 lb common carp which great to see and hopefully he’ll continue and catch many more and even bigger ones well done to him
Roll on summer

26th January

A good match on Jade today with the top weight 142lbs and plenty of good back ups with silver fish as well as the obvious carp up to 56 lbs and plenty in the 40lb mark nothing spectacular as was originally expected due to the dense fish stocking which only goes to show that its probably the sheer amount that actually makes it harder than you’d expect very soon and as soon as l get the date it will be published on this page the fish will be relocated into the other three pools and then due to there size and layout with islands and features in abundance they won’t be able to hide and the fishing and hopefully the weather will improve as we conclude or major improvement works which is on schedule to be finishing end of February early March although it will be some weeks before Jade is filled back up and stocked with large carp watch this page for weekly Sunday reports the days are now getting longer and as l print this it’s nearly 5pm and still light a good year ahead and the proof of the changes will then be obvious as the summer approaches.
All the holiday cottages on site are having big changes at the end of this year with a lot of improvements before this summer season begins there are still some vacancies available for this year please ring for any details and any advice regarding dates and prices. Tel: 01278 794707 or Contact us here

29th January 2020

Here we go phase two is now going to begin on Monday 17th February and is scheduled to finish by the 6th of March but hopefully it will be completed earlier that will be weather permitting
This phase will be to drain Jade and take every fish out and put them all into the other three pools whilst Jade refills naturally and then restock the big carp back in all the bigger carp will be in emerald pool itself and because of the make up of it the fishing will be very easy for a time so don’t miss this opportunity to catch some really big fish it’s a known fact that put fish into a new environment and they’ll feed really well for a long time as they try to work out there new home
Please watch for daily updates as the work begins
If your reading this Alfie l’ll be in touch as l know what’s happening please leave it to me