December 2019 Report

Welcome to the final reports of 2019, its been a great season and I hope youve all enjoyed following Alans great reports as much as I have. Looking forward to more next year and see how the lakes play out in their new furb; for now heres DEcembers Reports.  Mark (Webmaster for Emerald Pool)

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2nd December 2019

The match on Jade yesterday proves beyond doubt that no matter how many fish you put in a pool nothing’s guaranteed massive weights were expected by some good anglers who on a normal winters day would have caught 50lbs plus in any of our pools and now every fish on site are temporarily in Jade but the reality of it was the match was won with 57lbs and although no one blanked and there was reasonable back up weights with all 18 anglers
Will they settle in and feed as everybody thought they would only time will tell
General day fishing is consistent and loads of carp are caught on the surface and it’s obvious that there in good health and the oxygen levels are also checked regularly by the environment agency so l know that everything is as it should be l suppose that’s winter fishing we will be back to normal with all pools open in the spring but for now

8th December 2019
My reports for the next few weeks will be quite short due to the weather and the fact that we only have one pool available at the moment as the other three are slowly filling up after our improvement works and also have no fish in them as it’s important to allow the silt to settle before reintroduction so there gills won’t be damaged and this is planned for February weather permitting l’m sure this date will be achieved and we’re looking forward to draining Jade to get the job done and sorting the fish for the stocking of emerald Ruby and sapphire and the introduction of large carp back into Jade it’s been a long time coming and l will be glad when it’s done
During last week the anglers that fished Jade had some really good results with local Taffy Richards settling into fishing Jade and catching many carp from 8 to 16lbs and plenty of bream and some quality roach all on the pole l’m sure its a safe bet that he will fish Jade more often in the future than he normally does as his favourite spot has always been on emerald
In fairness l think the fishing had been a great success and will continue throughout the winter and should improve even more as the immense amount of fish in there get used to there temporary new home
Our local fly angler once again caught countless amounts of carp with this unusual method of carp fishing this week but believe me it really does work and he used to do it in emerald before we started the work with success on every trip
For the last time this year we ARE CLOSED THIS COMING SUNDAY 15/12/19 JUST FOR THE DAY for a pre booked match we are open to the public on that day but jade will be locked so as not to disturb the match anglers
We open again for everyone as soon as the match is over any other dates will be posted in the new year please keep watching for updates February will soon be here and there will be loads of pictures and videos for all to see during the final stage

15th December

We had a match on Jade today and it was pole only which limits the fishing area to aprox 11 meters out so a massive part of the lake wasn’t fished as the fish move out of range
But 17 anglers even in horrible conditions and the water level up so its on the banks with relentless cold rain done alright considering everything if you check match results it was the carpenters arms from Bristol and that will give you exact weights but below are more or less catch totals
1st. Aprox 65lbs
2nd aprox 58lbs
3rd aprox 37lbs
4th aprox 20lbs
And the rest were similar
Roll on summer long warm days

22nd December

Well its still raining and the water levels are rising daily which for once is in my favour and at this rate if it keeps up everything will be back to normal very soon and we’ll be well on schedule for the restocking in February the shortest day of the year is here today and now each day will be getting longer and as it’s still very mild we’ve got daffodils popping up all over the place and although it’s still December for a while today felt for a moment like spring
Local angler Dave Bryant or l should say regular fished today on Jade and had great results with plenty of carp to double figures on the pole and also bream perch and roach
Another angler fished the woods side of Jade yesterday and when l last spoke to him he’d had several carp not large ones but l don’t know his final amount as l was to busy moaning about the time of year the weather etc so l missed him
At the moment as previously posted all our stock are in Jade until the restocking takes place in February so there’s a really good chance of big catches
We’re open daily and the gates open at 7-30 am until half an hour before dark
For fishing on Jade day tickets are £7 for one rod and £2 for additional but next spring it will be £8 for one rod and still £2 for additional
Roll on summer

29th December

The weathers starting to improve now with no rain forecast in the next week or so and that will allow the banks on Jade to dry up as at this time it’s quite muddy in places but it is the end of December
Fishing has had mixed results with bags of skimmers up to around the fifty pound mark commonplace and plenty of carp in the seven to nine pound mark with the odd double to 14lbs once again although mild it’s still winter and the waters cold people expect large catches to be easy because of the amount of stock in there at the moment but unfortunately the fish have other ideas and remain crafty and willingly take floating baits unless it’s got a hook in it
They are there for you to catch and our now regular fly angler consistently proves that they will take artificial baits and he does so each time he fishes
Another of our regulars Taffy fished yesterday and had a great start and the guy with him started off with a 12lb common carp and as usual he had a lot of fish during his session 2020 will be a great year for the fishery with all the work done and being completed in the spring is at the top of my thoughts l personally don’t like the winter and never have the long warmer days of summer will soon be here
Roll on