Report’s November 2019

Emerald Pool’s major works and improvements November 2019

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Last day today before we close for the first time since the fishery was opened nearly 30 years ago watch this page for updates as the work begins
Local angler Reece Boucher fished Ruby during the week and had over 25 carp with his biggest at just over 14lbs a good fish for our smallest pool we’ll see next week just how big they actually go in there
The bad weather this week put people off but the ones that did brave the wet all done well and there are night anglers up on Jade ‘ll l get there results later the next time they fish Jade it will be a whole different story as for a while it will be used as a holding water for all the fish from emerald Ruby and sapphire so the stocking density will be very high and aeration pumps will be in operation 24hrs a day to protect our fish stocks Jade will be permanently fenced off but is open all through the winter but will be drained early next year and restocked with carp and there’ll be no small fish in there so every bite will produce a big carp all details of the restocking will be posted on this page so watch out for daily updates
Please remember we are closed for three weeks and no one will be allowed on-site without a relevant pass contact us for details

4th November

Day 1
Major improvement works to emerald pool fishery
Day one and everything’s in place Tomorrow the netting of Emerald pool itself is being done and also the water will be pumped down pictures will be published tomorrow showing the netting and fish stocks as they are put into Jade whilst the clearance work is done
Watch this page for regular updates
We are closed for three weeks and there is no access to the fishery

Day two
Emerald pools netting is beginning today
Watch this page for updates

Day three
Emerald being netted
Perch to 3lbs out of Ruby yesterday
All going well and on schedule for the three-week reopening

Day four
Going well regarding the weather and amount of fish in emerald
sapphire weed clearance well on the way amazing how much rubbish is in the pools
We’ve had a 3lb roach and perch to 4lb pictures will be published but not until we empty Jade the last one to be done l’ll then put on videos as well which l’m doing as we go along showing the fish being netted and sorted out were on track to be reopened in the three week plan and week one is nearly over
Next year will be a new beginning with vast improvements and the specimen pool being restocked with large carp and new fencing for a better environment all round.

Day five
The weathers much better today and the plan is to have emerald pool totally empty today all the fish moved up the top into Jade weed removal from all pools underway, on its own is an enormous task warning to anyone who plants willow trees without thinking to be careful; in a few years you may regret it.
We have 40 people working on-site to get this task done on time and we will achieve it I’ll post pictures later as it’s difficult not to just take random ones and post them not really showing the main objective
The new fencing is scheduled to be erected within the next week or so and that is the first sign of things going back together and with emerald slowly refilling as from about the same time it’s possible to visualise the end result .

Just to say no more work until Monday morning just checking fish safety today
only thing happening tomorrow is two aerators are going into Jade in case there required to keep the oxygen levels correct it would be a sad mistake to assume everything’s okay as it can literally change overnight so far all we’ve found is a few rod rests and one bite alarm pictures Tommorow of the aeration working

All on time emerald nearly dry but won’t be completed until Monday some large eels and stacks of carp the fishing in Jade when we reopen should be really good for the rest of the winter
The weed clearance on sapphire is going great but is so thick in places that we’ve got a weed and reed cutting boat that is coming on Monday, next week sapphire and Ruby will be drained
Please remember we are a closed site until this work is completed reopening on the 25/11/2019 which is a Monday we’ll try to open the weekend previous to that but keep watching for updates and possible unforeseen delays

Day Seven

It’s 8am on day seven and the six-inch pumps going on to put water back into emerald and Ruby is about to be drained and the fish put into Jade on Wednesday we’ve a weed cutting boat on-site as the weed growth is so dense in places it couldn’t be done by hand alone
This revamp is very expensive and has been planned for over three years and we can’t and won’t take any risks to the fish or anything else
In answer to the frequently asked question, how big are the fish it was a panic to get them out of the Nets and into our holding pool and no time to weigh or photograph them the sheer amount of them was in itself staggering
When Jade is emptied in February the big carp going back in will be held in a netted area before being health checked weighed and photographed for all to see along with any new stock
In answer to the other question are the sturgeon still there? l now know the answer to that one and as they do on the television l’ll move on to something else and tell you later or at the end it keeps you watching
The other one is do you still own it damn right l do it’s my passion and family business and will stay way l’ll never sell it
l hope that you find these reports informative as l’m just trying to give you an insight of the pools in their raw state as it’s the first time in thirty years and l’ll never do it again
Sit back and enjoy my misery in the coldest wettest early November in years but who’d have expected anything else
Pictures later hopefully no hands on the shots l know don’t tell me l’m no good at photography but l’m trying and always have been and always will be

Day Eight

Here we go again Ruby nearly empty and emerald filling back up in the last picture
weathers good today and everything’s on target waiting for the weed cutting boat to arrive the drivers here and the boat won’t be long pictures later with the weed hopefully gone it’s hard to imagine just how dense it is in places you could have probably walked on it no wonder the fishing in sapphire was not so good the little devils stayed in the reed beds and why not it’s full of food or was theve got a shock coming to them when they go back in there won’t be anywhere to hide and there food source depleted so guess what that’s it anglers bait on the menu and plus the fact that a lot of carp etc from Jade will be spread around the fishery to make it more productive in all pools Jade will be more difficult but each bite or run will produce a double and that will be the small ones a new fence which is arriving today will make for a good secure environment for the night anglers and the overall change to the fishery although dramatic in appearance when finished apart from weed removal won’t look much different but as you can see from the reports it is like a new start and now back to the sturgeon when they were put in 15/20 years ago they grew to almost 3ft in length stories of 4ft remarkably quickly and was caught regularly and then it became a different story and apart from anglers getting destroyed by unstoppable fish right up to the present day none have been caught since but on draining emerald pool l now know and have seen along with many other people on site the reality of it
Back to the weed boat which is now on site watch later for another report also further updates on the unusual fish we got from emerald including a large Ruffe.

Day nine
Terrible weather but the job continues nothing will stop it Ruby is nearly filled back up as is emerald and the weed removal on Jade will be finished today
The new fencing is starting to go up today and l’ll post pictures of it later on the silver fish that are coming out of sapphire are really good and some large roach and bream in good numbers l knew the amount of fish in there was high and that is now proven beyond doubt and when we reopen with the work done to the weeds etc l’m confident the results will be good and the fishing will improve to how it used to be
Jade with the marginal weeds gone and the amount of stock now in there all be it temporary should be very easy and large amounts are expected all round when we drain it in February ish can’t yet be sure of an exact date you’ll be able to see it dry and know we’re the holes are unless they are disguised with silt but nonetheless it will be an interesting time and as l’ve said before l’ll never do it again so keep watching for updates which l’ll post daily
lm going back out now to my ongoing misery which l didn’t think could get any worse and now we’re getting sleeted on to add to the rain and cold oh no wind today YET hold it it snowed just now!!
and worst of all there’s no anglers money coming in l do wonder sometimes no all the time are we actually crazy don’t answer that l already know

Day ten
The weathers a lot better today and sapphire is now being drained and the last of the fish rehomed into Jade for a short time, while the water settles back down it will be refilling for the rest of today and l’ll post pictures later of today’s progress
l’m hoping that we will reopen on the 23/11/19 which is the Saturday and not the Monday as originally planned and l’m sure the first people fishing Jade should have fishing to remember as the whole of emerald fishery are swimming around in it and believe me that’s a lot keep watching for pictures later of the new fencing and today’s progress

First few pictures show sapphire very low all fish are now moved to Jade a bit more clearance and the waters back in today
The last two pictures show the new fencing being erected on Jade and is and will look really nice as it blends in well with the environment there will be three gates the same as the one in the picture one at each end and one in the middle so access will be easy all round
Keep watching for daily updates opening is in one more working week and l’m aiming if possible for a week from this Saturday for Jade to be open

Day Eleven

Just a quick report to say no work going on over the weekend water levels looking good the settlement as begun and will take until February until fish can go back in its paramount to let the water clear naturally so as not to damage the fish in relation to there gills there’s been tremendous disturbance to the pools with the weed cutting boat netting and six-inch pumps moving the water around
I’m confident that we will be open for fishing in Jade next Saturday and will post during the week as the clear-up is finished along with the new fencing
There are two more day’s this year that there will be no fishing as Jade is closed for a match on the dates below which has been booked for a long time to a friend of mine Phil terry and this matches are for the whole pool and will not be cancelled any night anglers we might have on the Saturday nights prior must understand that the pool is closed for those day’s which are SUNDAY 1/12/19 and Sunday the 15/12/19 and they will have to be off-site by 8am the fishery is not closed for people to look around and it’s only those two days
Please contact me for any more information

18th November 2019

A really nice sunny day today work all finished off for now and Tuesday and Wednesday are big rubbish removal days and finishing off the new fencing to Jade pool which has come along very well and is already up to the large swim we call the point and the second pair of gates by the memorial bench in which we have formed a small garden area will be erected tomorrow morning l’ll post some pictures later the fence will be finished on Wednesday
The slow settling process is going well and is already starting to become a little clearer and everything is well on target for completion as hoped for
WE ARE OPEN AGAIN AS FROM THIS COMING SATURDAY 23/11/19 BUT THE ONLY POOL FOR FISHING IS JADE and we are confident the fishing will be good as all our stock is swimming around in it we may have to have aeration systems working but only if necessary and as of yet they’ve not been needed were checking our dissolved oxygen levels daily and they are no problem at the moment and because not the time of year they shouldn’t be any change
Keep watching for dairy reports as we may open earlier
If you’re reading this Taffy contact me regarding getting your shed ready on Jade as it can be sorted as from Friday l’ll leave it to you

19th November 2019
As l walked around the pools this morning and watched the daylight arrive it almost seems impossible what’s been done here over the last couple of weeks EVERY fish that lives here is now swimming around in one pool Jade and to look at it this morning with a cold mist rising from the water you’d think that it had little or no fish in it and it was heavily stocked before this all happened it’ll be interesting to see the anglers results when we open again on Saturday it should and probably will be amazing but l suppose it could go the other way and it could be difficult but we’ll soon see
Regarding the other three pools apart from the obvious weed cutting and snag removal some which we’ve left on the bank for people to see and the water levels down approximately 18 inches to each of them as we want them to fill naturally you’d think nothing had happened
We thought wrongly that we’d find countless tackle money phones and other objects and personal belongings that would have been dropped into the pools over 30 years well that was disappointing we have a few bits of broken poles one smartphone one set of keys and some general rubbish thanks to good angling a small number of tins but really nothing
Sorry to Taffy we metal detected for your ring and nothing also the ring outside of Jasmine cottage when it was dry l personally got in and searched and used the metal detector but nothing if these and other things rolled or washed into the silt which is about three feet out forget it your not getting anything out and its unbelievably deep and dangerous to the point that from now on there’s NO going into any of pools for anything apart from saving a life if you lose it it’s lost l thought a couple of feet of silt and then a solid clay bottom l didn’t realise that over twenty years of water pressure will soften the clay and below that is Somerset peat and could be bottomless dramatic over the top MAYBE but now l know I’m not taking any chances we have a good safety record and ld like it to stay that way
I’m looking forward to opening this Saturday ( it might be Friday) if it is I’ll post it on this page

This is my last post regarding the works which are now completed until February when Jade will be emptied and stocked only with large carp nothing will be below doubles and will be made public for everyone to see as its restocking takes place we are definitely open as arranged on Saturday from daylight and that is now confirmed below are pictures of Jade as it is now and also the new fencing there are three sets of double gates but the one at the top of the car park is the only one open for now the other two will be locked until our project is finished in the spring there is a dip tank inside the gates and it is clearly marked and must be used on arrival and departure with no exceptions
The other pools are low on water and are out of bounds for health and safety reasons and are temporarily fenced off for general safety please don’t breach any areas that are clearly marked or fenced
The fishing on Jade show be amazing and well hopefully soon see as posted before we are closed again for two days in December which are Sunday 1/12/19 and Sunday 15/12/19 any other dates in the new year will be posted on this page
But on those dates, the actual fishery isn’t closed to the general public
As l post this the site is being cleared of machinery and everything went according to plan
Once again a massive thanks to the environment agency for there invaluable help in this project and we look forward to working with them again in the new year to complete everything and making Jade into a proper specimen pool as was it’s original designed

25th November 2019
Just a quick report we’ve had a few anglers over the last few days and one young local angler had over twelve carp and today l spoke with someone l only know as Bob said the fishing was none stop and relentless he would cast out and hang on and couldn’t tell how many he’d caught but he’s back tomorrow
If you haven’t been watching recently all the stock of our fishery are in Jade and the other three pools are slowly refilling after major improvement works and will be open again in the new year don’t miss this one-off opportunity to catch potentially huge amounts of fish before they are relocated back into the other pools
We have some matches coming up shortly the first one this Sunday 1/12/19 and l think the results will be very good from all pegs as all the edge reed beds have been removed so at this time there shouldn’t be any pegs that are better than the rest but we’ll see on Sunday
Please contact us if you need any more information

30th November
Plenty of action to all anglers fishing Jade at the moment were blanking is not an option if peace and quiet and relaxation is what you’re after then this isn’t the place for you Jade is so full of fish that l don’t feel any special baits are necessary and as in previous reports we have a fly angler fishing it a couple of times a week and his results are impressive to say the least the fish will be relocated into the other pools in February next year and once again they will become really overstocked for a while as all the fish in Jade will be removed as its cleaned out and made ready for its restocking in the spring with large carp
WE ARE CLOSED JUST FOR THE DAY TOMORROW 1/12/19 FOR A PRE BOOKED MATCH and as we have only one pool for fishing closing is the only option we are open for visitors to have a look around

2nd December 2019

The match on Jade yesterday proves beyond doubt that no matter how many fish you put in a pool nothing’s guaranteed massive weights were expected by some good anglers who on a normal winters day would have caught 50lbs plus in any of our pools and now every fish on site are temporarily in Jade but the reality of it was the match was won with 57lbs and although no one blanked and there was reasonable back up weights with all 18 anglers
Will they settle in and feed as everybody thought they would only time will tell
General day fishing is consistent and loads of carp are caught on the surface and it’s obvious that there in good health and the oxygen levels are also checked regularly by the environment agency so l know that everything is as it should be l suppose that’s winter fishing we will be back to normal with all pools open in the spring but for now