Report October 2019

Emerald Pool Fishery

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Good fishing all round this week with Jade producing good doubles up to 19 1/2 pounds talk of two larger ones but no sizes if it was you please let us know in the comments section of this page.
Ruby is normal easy fishing with plenty of good bags to everyone Sapphire is still a bit harder than previous years but all that’s about to change although some catches of twenty or more carp to 8lbs plus very good silvers and perch to over 2lbs
Emerald has given up carp to 14lbs once again on floating crust and plenty of others in the 7 to 10lb mark on a wide variety of baits along with roach and skimmer bream in plentiful amounts.

Now l have a date for the major improvement works to the fishery and for the first stages which is to drain sapphire Ruby and emerald health and safety have stepped in and l have no alternative but to close the fishery completely from Monday the 4th of November for three weeks and during that time nobody will be allowed on site we will then reopen and the only pool open for fishing will be Jade until the other pools have been restocked and then Jade will be closed in February to be drained and restocked please contact me for times to watch the new stock going in all the work will be posted on this page showing netting of all the pools and regular updates will be posted daily


13th October
This weeks report is very brief due to the bad weather conditions and although we’ve had some anglers that l know have caught good catches on all pools I’ve been to busy with the preparation for the major improvement works taking place in three weeks time l haven’t actually spoken to them to get factual results
There’s been some good bags from Emerald pool itself today and l know the results in my opinion good when you consider the sheer amount of cold water going into the pools it’s actually flooding into the car park and l can’t remember that happening in October for many years if ever anyway weights below.

Frys angling
Paul 99lbs 13ozs
Ady 52lbs
Merv 46lbs 10ozs
Matt 42lbs 14ozs
Jay 35lbs 14ozs
Pete 27lbs 2ozs
Please watch This Page for updates on the work as it takes place and for times to watch netting and restocking as the fishery will be closed from November 4th for three weeks and any visits will have to be prearranged
If anyone has any catch reports for last week please post them on the Facebook Page or if you don’t have Facebook send them here Ill add them to the pages updates thanks

20th October
Another great week at emerald with all pools producing stacks of fish local Andy Pilinger in two trips this week had 120lbs and 112lbs with the biggest 12 2ozs all on the floating crust.
Over three days some of our locals staying on-site with us fishing Ruby emerald and sapphire results below
Day one
R Moon 85 7ozs
J Cooper 43 12oz
D Hall 37 6ozs
J Masters 26 3zs
G Rudge 10 7ozs
Day two
G Rudge 52 2ozs
R Moon 46 7ozs
J Cooper 38 3ozs
J Masters 34 1ozs
D Hall 25 10ozs
Day three
J Masters 70 6ozs
G Rudge 62 7ozs
R Moon 56 11ozs
D Hall 21 12ozs
J Cooper 19 13ozs
Just as an unusual oddity although it’s happened before we had an angler fly fishing on Ruby and emerald and had really good success with plenty of carp up to double figures and l watched him for a while and these fish took the fly readily not as a one-off

All pools on good form Jade giving countless doubles to Weston super mares Shawn (I’ve forgotten his surname) sorry Shawn
Works begin at the fishery on Monday the 4th of November and we closed for three weeks please watch this page for regular reports and videos as the work commences please be aware if you just turn up you won’t be allowed in dates regarding the restocking will be published well in advance
Health and safety laws regarding this work are very strict and will not be breached in any way so as stated contact before turning up or you will be turned away we are looking forward to a new beginning to our well established fishery with a long-awaited revamp which been planed over the last three years with full support of the environment agency and thanks to them for there vital input that there putting into the work including new fencing to Jade giving more privacy and security to specimen and night anglers.

27th October

Lovely day today to make up for the not so nice week we’ve just had l’m not going to do the same thing this report regarding the fish l’ll just say a good crowd on board and plenty of fish being caught in all the pools and not to be boring that really sums it all up more interesting is that we only have one more week to our close for major improvement works from the 4th of November l’ll post pictures daily from the start and discuss the restocking program with the environment agency and that and the netting of all the ponds beginning with emerald being the first to be drained we’ll soon find out if the sturgeon are still in there followed closely by Ruby and sapphire Jade will be the holding pool for all the fish on site and will be drained last but will be open for the whole of the winter and the fishing should be really good although there will be aeration pumps running continually due to the massive stocks of fish that will be in there it will also be seperatly fenced with permanent security fencing for a better environment for anglers and wildlife please watch this page for regular updates or contact us for any more information