Report September 2019

Emerald Pool

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A fantastic week at emerald with the weather being warm and sunny and every pool producing large bags of fish Collin Walsh one of our long-standing anglers who’s been fishing here since we opened and is a good angler and friend of mine had over 27 carp in a short session on Ruby his favourite pool and that’s normal for him and I’m in no doubt that during his stay with us he’ll have plenty more and ll post his results each week another local Shawn Barnes from Weston super mare has had a load of carp from Jade most in the 8to15lb range but l’ve heard that he’s had a much bigger one in the high twenties but l’ll confirm that with him before l say to much about it .
Andrew and his son had a great session on Ruby with over 100lbs of carp and skimmer bream

As l was walking around for the last look today several anglers said they’d had brilliant fishing and will post pictures on Facebook l’ll post pictures tomorrow of Andrew and his sons catch and some other ones l’ve had sent in if anybody’s got anymore results please post them in the comments section of this report 
The weather is going to stay warm this coming week and l’m expecting the fishing to be good

Collin Walsh staying with us has had another good week on Ruby his favourite pool his largest weight going over 200lbs with over 50 carp but plenty of skimmers as well 
Andy pilinger has been back on form with floating crust on emerald pool car park side with one day 168lbs and day two 218lbs and his longest session is never more than a few hours 
Joe Pickford and his wife Nicole fished Jade for 24hrs and joe won marginally l’m unsure of there amounts and sizes but hopefully he’ll put them in the comments 
All pools have fished well this week with sapphire still lagging slightly behind but some really big roach coming to several anglers who fish for them intentionally 
Jade has also produced bags of skimmer bream of over 80lbs to two anglers that l know but plenty more l haven’t spoken to.
timelines regarding major improvements to the fishery will be published over the next few weeks and l stress that we will not be closed during this time only certain pools will be closed at different intervals and then reopened as the next one is worked on please watch this page for updates

Mark Innes‎ toEmerald Pool Fishery7 September at 10:39

Quick overnighter fished jade last night biggest was 9lb had about 20 fish in total

9th September 2019
Without sounding the same week after week nothing’s really changed another good week weather and fishing wise Brian from Bristol had 41 carp from Ruby and Dave from Swindon had the same from sapphire Ruby and emerald all produced bags of 40 to 70 carp in each session Jade is on top form with plenty of doubles to most anglers but the biggest this week to my knowledge was 18lbs pictures to follow
Major improvement works begin this November and l stress we are not closed during this program but some areas will be closed at alternate times watch this page for updates
Anyone with catch reports please post them on the comments section
Thanks Alan

16th September 2019

Jades on good form with night anglers averaging 10 to 30 carp in a session most fish in the mid double range but usually one or two pushing the twenty pound mark and one talked about over mid twenties in a short while the pools being drained and then we’ll see for definite how big they go l know there’s several really good ones in there and when the anglers are gone for the day l always see them in the edges tails out of the water almost fearless and l’ve seen many big fish in my time fishing redmire pool in the eighties and other big fish waters all around the country and l see twenty plus fish almost daily
Ruby fishing as normal but strangely enough regular doubles up to 14lbs are being caught in with the smaller carp and plentiful bags of bream
Sapphires fishing ok for fabulous roach in amongst the carp and tench but as stated before it’s a little harder because of the prolific reed growth were the fish can hide but there times running out as the reeds are coming out in the next few weeks watch this space for details
Emerald as normal with great fishing with all species but mainstay carp in the 6to 10lb range and a lot of them are caught easily on floating crust
Major improvement works to the fishery are taking place this winter so watch this page for regular updates don’t miss this one of opportunity to see the pools with no water in them and be there to see the large carp being introduced by the environment agency into Jade
WE ARE NOT CLOSED during the works but some areas will be out of bounds at some time

23rd September 2019

Another fish filled week at emerald pool with constant action on all pools Jade producing fourteen doubles up to 18lbs and two to my knowledge over 20lbs but under 25lbs but still good fishing considering the amount of smaller bred carp that are in that pool l’m really hoping for a fish pushing the 30lb before the work begins here in November but we’ll see if anyone has anymore results from night fishing that l didn’t see please post in the comments section
Emerald pool itself has had countless good sized carp up to high doubles to local angler Taffy and regular Dave Bryant from Swindon and a lot of fish in the 4 to 7 lbs range sapphires picked up nicely with some nice bags of mixed fish one guesstimated at 164 lbs by a well known respected angler who l would definitely believe below are the results from Ruby today from frys angling who in there words had a really good days fishing

Jay 83lbs 11ozs
Ade 72lbs 1oz
Andy 63lbs 13ozs
Pete 35lbs
Scud 28lbs
Macey 24lbs

Just for information major improvement works definitely are taking place this winter and will not affect the fishing being open WE ARE NOT CLOSED during this time but some areas will be out of bounds for short periods of time please watch this page for regular updates as the work nears and also as it progresses

All pools at emerald fishing well with Jade producing none stop action tonight anglers not a place to come if you plan on leaving your rods out and going to sleep it’s not happening as local joe Lovell found and when l spoke to him hours before he left he’d had over 30 carp and the biggest then was 16 1/2 pounds photos hopefully to follow.
Sapphire gave up some really nice crucian carp to holidaymakers staying in one of our cottages and it was her first time fishing. Ruby as normal and if you can’t catch fish there you’d better make sure you’ve got the bait on your hook actually they get caught regularly whilst testing for the depth with no bait on at all and that’s a regular occurrence.
Emerald pool is fishing well and a really good method is floating crust although a wide variety of baits and methods will work at any given time. Our major improvement works will begin in a few weeks please watch this page for time scales and regular updates so everyone will know what’s happening and when as normal if anyone has any more reports please add to the comments

16.8lb ghost carp caught on Jade using floating crust! Great catch Mathew Stone

Thanks to John Dunne and Elaine Day for adding photos to Emerald Pool Fishery‘s timeline —