Report August 2019


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5th August
Great week fishing as l thought it would be with large amounts of carp from all pools with jade averaging up to forty carp in a session Being very common although most just under the twenty-pound mark with countless doubles all round to most anglers including quite a few youngsters fishing with there parents which is really good to see in our ever-changing world of technology allowing children to play games on their various devices and not going fishing as much as they used to we’ve posted a few pictures of some youngsters with there catches and hope they continue in the future izzy(wizzy) and Ryan day from Manchester done really well on Ruby with wizzy winning on the day with a carp of nearly 9lbs closely followed by brother Ryan also with carp around the 7lb mark
Grandad Jimmy day taken over 160lbs which is commonplace for him on any of our pools as his experience over the years goes to prove.
We’ve had a match on Ruby today frys angling and when l get the results later l’ll post them.
Jamie Bilbury and son Harley fished a 24hr session on Jade Friday night more or less straight away had four carp to 15lbs if any anglers have any more results please put them in the comments box.
Gates open at 6am and close 1/2 hour before dark for day ticket fishing.
Or £24 for 24 hrs from when you arrive.

Emerald Pool Fishery

With the weather turning dull and a bit miserable this week it didn’t affect the fishing in any way whatsoever with each pool still producing good results.
Jade as normal form having large catches of carp into high doubles falling mainly to surface baits and the best by far being bread crust but also decent fish coming from bottom tactics and night anglers having to bring the rods in as after dark as the bites and action are none stop a pool, without doubt, to catch a lot of fish no matter what the weather or season.
Ruby still producing the odd double figure carp but serious amounts of skimmer bream with tench and big perch in the mix.
Emerald pool itself keeps providing good sport to all species but a lot of tench from small to approximately 4lbs showing regularly.
Sapphire still a bit on the quieter side but still fishing well it’s going to benefit from this years winter works as there hiding places mainly large reed beds are being thinned out as part of our major improvement works which are definitely happening this coming winter the fishery is not closing during this time but as the work commences the water will be lowered maybe drained from each pool to allow the improvements to take place so areas will at times shut off for short periods
So the only change will be not every pool will able to be fished at the same time.
It will be a one-off opportunity to see the pools empty please watch these weekly reports for updates as the 
Time scales will be published.
THE FISHERY WILL NOT BE CLOSED DURING THIS EXITING TIME please come along and have a look and watch the new large carp being introduced into Jade all supervised by the environment agency so you’ll be in no doubt about the stocking density if you fish it next year each and every bite will be a large carp as nothing else is going back in.
We’re looking forward to 2020 as a new beginning to our very established fishery in many improved ways.

18th August

Just a brief report today l’ll post again during the week 
Generally good sport all round with Taunton angler fishing centre back bank of emerald pool under the weeping willows had well over 100lbs of carp in constant action all day and also realising the tremendous amount of skimmer bream stocked in emerald with a possible 100lbs available to all and that is going to be his next days fishing to try and do just that and that’s a lot of bites we’ve had it done in the past but not for a few years although it’s the same in Jade with probably even greater stocks if you deliberately fish for them you’ll catch them all day long but also the inevitable carp will come along and on light tackle watch out.( you’ll get broken)
Andy Pilinger fished twice this week with his normal floating crust car park side of the water having 105lbs first session and over 70lbs today and he only does a few hours each session ld like to see a days results from him l think over 200lbs would be easy for him. 
Good reports from Ruby with several families fishing with youngsters catching good mixed bags and kids enjoying the sport is always great to see.
Jade has produced some good doubles but only up to 14lbs to my knowledge but l’ve not spoken to to many anglers this week so if anyone has any other information on catches please let us know in the comments great weather on the cards for this coming bank holiday so the fishing will be good
Gates open 6am close 1/2 hour before dark

26th August

A fantastic week at emerald with the weather being warm and sunny and every pool producing large bags of fish Collin Walsh one of our long-standing anglers who’s been fishing here since we opened and is a good angler and friend of mine had over 27 carp in a short session on Ruby his favourite pool and that’s normal for him and I’m in no doubt that during his stay with us he’ll have plenty more and ll post his results each week another local Shawn Barnes from Weston super mare has had a load of carp from Jade most in the 8to15lb range but I’ve heard that he’s had a much bigger one in the high twenties but l’ll confirm that with him before l say too much about it .
Andrew and his son had a great session on Ruby with over 100lbs of carp and skimmer bream
As l was walking around for the last look today several anglers said they’d had brilliant fishing and will post pictures on Facebook I’ll post pictures tomorrow of Andrew and his sons catch and some other ones I’ve had sent in if anybody’s got any more results please post them in the comments section of this report 
The weather is going to stay warm this coming week and I’m expecting the fishing to be good