Report July 2019


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7th July 2019
Brilliant weather this week and some great fishing as well see pictures of fishing on Jade below.
Some lads staying on site calling themselves 
Slipways jolly boys here are there results.
Robert moon 192.3
Graham ridge 135.6
Steve O’Toole 108.13
Jason Cooper 98.13
Dave hill 50.13
John masters23.9
Total 598.14
Emerald pool.
Rob 112.6
Graham 96.9
Jason 77.2
Steve 58.3
John 38.2
Dave 18.2
All pools in good form now settling into the warm summer weather sapphire still being a bit neglected but plenty of weights of over 40lbs to my knowledge but I’m sure there’s heavier weights that I’ve not been told about its also producing very good silverfish as are all the pools with bream to over 4lbs from Jade and emerald and strangely enough a good few double figure carp from Ruby with one or two big eels in the mix with the largest from emerald conservatively guessed at over 4lbs not weighed as the angler was frightened of it l promised l wouldn’t his name how are you, Steve,? Not giving up fishing are you it was only an eel the nightmares will fade with time (probably)
Good weather forecasted for next week so great days ahead.

Few pictures from ‘the bearded carp puller’ this weekend. Report will follow shortly.

7th July 2019

Just come back from a week at emerald pools stayed in there lodges only fished it 2 day but must of had over a 120lb a day on the shallow waggler really good fishing and got my PB 1lb 10 Roach well worth the money
Andy Gay

8th July 2019

Cracking week so far
Paul Raynsford

13th July 2019

16.8lb ghost carp caught on Jade using floating crust! Great catch Mathew StoneğŸŽ£

Matthew Stone 16.8lb Ghost Carp

All pools fishing well great weather and more to come
Sapphire produced over 70lbs yesterday to regular Donald sage who also had had seven carp this morning when l spoke to him surface fishing with floating dog biscuits and bread crust at 6am. One of our ghost carp known as Kasper has just made another appearance as posted picture, one of his parents was caught several years ago by Mark Roberts at 34lbs we’ll soon see what it is now when we drain the pools this coming winter watch this space for details of when there’ll be a one off opportunity to see the empty lake beds and new stock being introduced alongside the largest of our existing carp into Jade which will become a specimen pool once again but with low stocks but every bite or run will produce a large carp day tickets will be limited.
There’s going to be major improvement works to all pools to make 2020 a new start to what can only be a described as more fish and angler environment each pool will have a massive stock of a particular species so to guarantee a good days fishing all round but surprises in everyone.
We’ve just levelled our access track so it’s a lot better and especially for lower vehicles with no problems now.
Ruby is on really good form with mixed bags to everyone and every peg mainstay being carp and large amounts of skimmer bream but also large bream and perch not forgetting the specimen sized eels that get regularly

21st July 2019

Just a brief report this week as l’ve not had to much time to talk to anglers but here’s a few that l did get results from.
Mel Anstey from Manchester fished all of the pools during his stay with us and caught decent bags of fish every day and a very good day on sapphire gave him around 80lbs mainly carp and skimmers so it’s definitely back on form after a quieter period of late frankly he done just about the same on each pool.
Ian laws fished on Jade with floating baits and has l walked past him he was landing carp number 34 and he was staying on so his final tally is unknown perhaps if he reads this he can let us know I’m sure as always his partner would have had about the same as it’s usually a close call to who catches the most.
Weston super mares Shawn had a good day with plenty of carp on Jade bottom fishing bait unknown but he said that as soon as the airater went on the fishing improved dramatically and was like turning a switch on it does come on intermittently at this time of year especially at night could be a time for a big fish.
Emeralds on usual good form plenty of action from all pegs. 
Hot weathers on the cards for the coming weeks so great times ahead gates open at 6am and are closed 1/2 hour before dark.
Colin it’s nearly time l’m looking forward to it l’ll see you soon.

A couple more anglers have come back to me with results.
Don sage had 24 doubles on his short break with us and 80lbs from the cottage garden on sapphire on the first day followed by 60lbs the next day including a good few doubles l must say don has been coming here for years and really knows his stuff and proves it EVERY time he comes here.
Also joe Pickford from Bristol had 24 carp from Jade on a night session in horrible weather l didn’t see him before he went and didn’t know his results until he let me know another one of our regulars who knows his stuff.

Shaun Davies

28th July

Please read the comments on my last report l was wrong on a few points and they are put right by the anglers concerned one being Jean law and family didn’t have 30 carp they had 83 with none stop action all day .

Harley Bilbury

All pools fishing well with lots of carp into double figures and the usual silverfish in large bags if we had keep nets there would, without doubt, be plenty over the 100lb mark all round .
Ian and Jean law fishing with there grandchildren on Jade had great results with one of the children having a 18lb carp followed closely by a 15lb to either Jean or Ian l’m not sure who it was but they had as usual well over 30 carp on the day.
l’ve just been talking to Harley Bilbury and his father on Jade who’d only been there for literally a couple of hours and they’d had 15 carp between them with his son Harley having the largest at over 15lbs but the rest were all double figures l don’t know what their total was but pictures to follow.

A friend of mine fished Jade on Friday for the first time ever and had a large double figure ghost carp in the first ten minutes once again l don’t know his final result but ld be surprised if he didn’t catch more.
So without sounding boring and similar great results and with spawning well behind them the carp have really woken up and looking good weather wise in the near future l’m sure it will continue.
Gates open 6am and close 1/2hour before dark