Report 15th – 30th June


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16th June
Ray Raynsford from Cheltenham had an excellent stay in one of our cottages (The Willows). They had over 80 fish between three of them with carp up to 12lb. They stated their fishing experience was amazing!

16th June
Once again ignoring the typical British wet summer emerald has been producing good weights for the brave weather enduring anglers with Darren from Highbridge catching loads of carp and skimmers and also plenty of small perch which is great as that means there breeding successfully this year.
Jade has been constant action with lots of doubles up to just under the 20lb mark but most of them 10 to 14lbs and the usual bream and skimmers.
We’ve also had a man and wife from Swindon staying on the bank of emerald for three days and nights in all that wet weather and both caught plenty of carp I’m unsure of there exact results as there still fishing I’ll do a full report on them later when l know more.
Not really worth mentioning Ruby as it’s as normal and simply an easy reliable pool which will provide good results whatever the weather or season.
The report below this one is the lads that stayed with us last week and the report is in there words.

23rd June 2019

A great week at Emerald this week with Swindon’s Lisa and rob baker fishing emerald pool car park peg 6 and had 70 carp average size 4 to 7lbs with fish topping 16lbs and several doubles.
Local Andy Pilinger had 125 lbs of carp emerald peg 4 surface fishing with floating crust good fishing all round on this pool.
Jade also producing lots of carp well into double figures with 37 carp falling to a local couple surface fishing bait Unknown generally easy fishing on this pool.
Sapphire has had a couple of weeks of more difficult fishing of late and this week been no exception l think there’s quite a lot of reed bed cover and they know where it’s safe to hide during the day but that’s all going to change by the end of this year with a good clear out and removing a lot of there hiding places that pool is full of fish and l will make it a much more angler friendly very soon and make it once again a good productive water.
Ruby not much to say without being boring it’s simply a reliable easy pool for kids and adults alike.
And now for the unusual event that happens every year but normally just one and when l’m asked the question what’s the best bait for barble mate l always jokingly say try luncheon meat or pellets on the rivers Avon or Wye as there’s only a handful in our fishery and to fish for them is unrealistic due to the amount of other fish you’ll catch first statistically only luck will produce them and then not one but TWO to the SAME angler early morning fishing on Jade bait Unknown peg one top of the car park first one slightly under seven pounds and the second six and a half pounds both in totally pristine condition what a result what’s the odds on that.
l put these barble in years ago from the Hampshire carp farm so they only know still waters strangely l’m told they won’t breed unless there in a river but they definitely do l had one caught last year at just over a pound l can’t wait to see the reality of it all when our major improvement works take place at the end of this year.

30th June 2019

How’s this for a honest report the fishing this week has been more difficult than usual and there are several reasons for it one the sudden change in weather from cold and wet to very warm In Fact hot and the other is the explosion of this years fry swimming around and getting eaten by there relatives the carp eat them this time of the year and are not as hungry as they normally are. having said that we’ve still had good results all round with a family fishing Ruby pictures above and having fifty fish between them.
Jade has had some decent fish caught but you’ve got to work harder for them and it’ll be back to normal soon which is a pool that’s generally considered to be a easy water with large quantities of carp caught no matter the weather or season the best thing to do is enjoy the hot weather and try surface fishing it’s a method that always works.
The summers short and the winters long so great results expected in the coming days with the forecast very good.
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