Report 1st June to 15th June


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This weeks report is a very brief one due to me simply not having time to talk to the anglers.
We’ve had local Andy Pilinger fishing again this week and yes l know it sounds the same but its true fishing floating or slow sinking bread on emerald car park side and under the weeping willows once again huge weights approaching two hundred pounds is his norm and again this weeks been no exception.
Nigel from Taunton is fishing Ruby today and when l spoke with him two hours ago he’d already had carp and bream nearing a hundred pounds and although l don’t know his final tally l’m sure it’ll be a lot more as he’s always consistently good.
Don sage who’s been staying with us as promised a report of his catches which l’m still waiting for(come on Don)
I spoke briefly with him during the week and him and his mate Kevin both had carp on Jade at over twenty each and that is a conservative amount and was a daily occurrence.
All in all another great week at emerald and things will massively improve with the major works to all pools this coming winter keep watching this weekly report for information regarding dates and time scales for each pool and the restocking of LARGE carp into Jade which will be made available for people to watch the fish being released.

4th June 2019

Just a quick report l was talking with a day angler on Jade today l don’t know his bait but l do know it was on the bottom because he remarked about the carp cruising on the surface and he had no floating baits. When l spoke with him he’d had 10 carp seven of which were doubles and the biggest a linear mirror of 18 and half pounds in perfect condition.
Let’s hope for some big fish in the coming months and what will be really interesting is when we do the work in the winter is how big our largest carp actually is l think a lot of people will be surprised.

9th June

Brian and Neil raynsford staying in one of our cottages on site fishing Jade over the last two days already have had 21 carp to 14lbs with the majority of them in the low doubles pictures and more results soon.
Keith and Lisa rolf fished emerald pool peg one over a few days and also had plenty of decent carp well into double figures and plenty of bream as well.
Ruby is is normal form with very easy catches all round with a wide variety of baits and tactics as is sapphire although nowadays it’s become neglected by anglers more than the other pools l don’t understand why as its full of fish and really scenic with plenty of reeds lilies and four islands great for fishing against the cottages on the back bank always catch good amounts of carp tench and silver fish.
Let’s hope this wet weather isn’t here for long and that our Somerset summer will be a good one.

well stocked lakes, very scenic views. always friendly welcome from the owner and well maintained. Good for taking the kids also.