Report 19th – 31st May 2019


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Generally a good week at emerald with Andy Pilinger back on the lakes after a couple of weeks away on holiday and in his usual form today with 168lbs of carp on floating crust on peg 4 emerald car park.
Jade produced a common carp not far of the 20lb mark to Weston super mares glyn who’s one of our regulars and his mate Shawn has had plenty of fish up to high doubles.
Two more of our regulars had a great day midweek surface fishing on Jade with over 40 carp each.
Ruby and sapphire both fishing extremely well with a lot of fish being caught close in the edge best times seem to be mid-morning and early evening but fish are caught throughout the day everyday l think by mid-morning a fair amount of baits been put and that gets the fish on the hunt so try feeding quite heavy from the start fish don’t know what time it is there just after food so if it’s there early they’ll be on it.
Andy Pilinger proves it time and time again and never fails to get a good bag of fish 
great warm weather ahead perfect for a good days fishing gates open at 6 am and close half an hour before dark so nice long days at this time of year.
We’ve had a perch from Ruby this week weighed at 3 4ozs and an eel from Jade at over 2lbs also several Roach from emerald which because of the size of them the angler really thought they were carp and was genuinely shocked that they were Roach.
More information regarding the stocking of large carp into Jade will be published shortly and people will be welcome to watch them being introduced.

26th May 2019

Bearded carp puller only had the one, however, the gentleman next to him was using a pole and had over 10 carp out using oily floating pellet with no float!

The carp at emerald have been spawning over last week so the fishing was a bit more difficult but still very good in all the pools with Jade best to my knowledge at least two commons just below the twenty pound mark and another large carp of 11lbs ok l know it’s not really big but for Ruby that’s two in the last ten days both doubles and in perfect condition.
The usual sort of action on Emerald pool itself with Swindons Dave Bryant has multiple heavyweight catches on each of the four days that he stayed with us.
some different action on the fishery over the last few days as a stag (deer) got trapped on site and couldn’t find its way out and on several occasions swam across the length of Jade to hide in the orchard and was seen by a lot of anglers.
for everybody concerned for its welfare we eventually got close enough for my son to grab it by the horns and with others holding its legs it was carried of site and released without any apparent harm only injury Beijing a kick to my sons leg (sooner him than me)
Nice picture from one of our regulars below.