Report 21st April – 1st May 2019

Emerald Pool

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Great weather this weekend also combined with Easter bank holiday had quite a few anglers enjoying this rare event lots of fish caught generally in all pools with one Bristol angler who stayed on site for 48hrs had over 50carp up to 15lbs and said he didn’t get more than five hours sleep during his stay bait boilies on the bottom l don’t know what sort they were.
Andy Pilinger once again had another really good session on emerald pool under the weeping willows on the far bank on a floating crust with his total weight at 210lbs.
During the heat of the day a lot of carp can be see basking in the perimeter reed beds and will often take a floating bait when a bottom bait may be left alone take a tip from Andy and have a go it really does work a more in-depth report after the bank holiday.

Well l knew it the weathers back to normal wet cold and generally miserable but it doesn’t seem to have effected the fishing with Alfie rock from Wales who stayed with us for the week and fished every day regardless of weather caught loads of good fish including crusians to over 3lbs and his personal best ghost carp at nearly 17lbs.  

A Local Taunton angler fished two days on the trot on Ruby and had over 150lbs each day from tight to the margins and local Dave whitehouse who’s with us for a week with two of his mates already has had great results fishing emerald pool itself for a catch of over 50 carp in absolutely terrible conditions his two mates also done very well.

Sorry no pictures of the 27 from Jade recently caught l’m still waiting for pictures to arrive if your reading this please send them to me so l can publish them or send them to our website thanks in advance.

l’ve seen several large silver fish bags from Jade with bream up to 4lbs so the recent bad weather hasn’t had an adverse affect on the fishing.