Report 1st April – 16th April

Emerald Pool

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This weeks report is very basic but l’ve been busy sorting things for this coming winter regarding the socking of LARGE carp into Jade and didn’t have much time to talk to anglers about exact catch weights.
However, the warmer weather brought out a few night anglers and lots of smaller carp we’re caught with a few better doubles and countless skimmers and good size bream from Jade and emerald.
Regular Andy Pilinger once again on Emerald pool in a short session which is his normal thing had over 140lbs of carp and 16lbs of skimmer bream on slow-sinking bread 
Holidaymakers Merve and sue gatehouse staying on site with us fished from Grace cottage garden and had a good variety of fish including good sized carp from Sapphire pool which nowadays gets a little neglected by day anglers and holds some good carp regularly caught in there well into double figures.
Ruby as normal if you can’t catch in there put some bait on your hook actually they get caught often on bare hooks whilst checking the depths so really no excuses.
More in-depth report later this week.

14th April 2019

Donald Sage fishing staying in one of our cottages is having a great time! On Saturday whilst fishing Sapphire he had a 10lb Common Carp on a feeder rod using pellet. On Sunday he had a total of 26 Carp out of Jade including sizes of 16.7lb and a 14.4lb. He says “What a great start to the week”!

An angler on Jade down from Swindon for a few days had several good doubles bait unknown.
Also from Swindon regular Dave Bryant who stayed with us for four days fished each pool in a rotation and had good results on everyone with most of the catches being carp to about 8lbs and some very nice tench and bream.

Two local anglers who normally fish emerald pool had a day on Jade and caught countless skimmers with bream in the 4lb range and carp to low doubles. Plenty of good fishing ahead with good weather looming along with longer days our report just before this one is another of our local anglers and he has had a great start already with some good fish from sapphire pool which holds some really decent carp into double figures and has become a pool that doesn’t get used as much as it should be the fishing on this one can be very good a more in-depth report on Don sages catches will be published later in the week.