Report 10th Mar – 22nd Mar 2019


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On a windy wet day today so much for hoping for good weather the weights on emerald pool were quite impressive considering everything.
(Frys angling)
Steve 74 3ozs
Ray 46 10ozs
Pete 43 13ozs
Ade 43 02ozs
Paul 40 01ozs
John 38 10ozs
Merve 28 15ozs
Mike 20 15ozs
Everyone caught silvers with the highest marginally under 20lbs and several more into double figures 
All in all a good weekend with Saturday’s anglers reporting very good bags of silver fish and carp around the eight pound mark and several match anglers today got broken by large fish that definitely live in emerald pool which could be carp barbel sturgeon or one of the really BIG eels that get caught quite regularly.

17th March

Once again due to unpleasant weather not very much to report but today Chris from Bristol fished from 6 30 this morning until mid-afternoon and had twenty carp with five doubles on Jade l don’t know what bait or tactics he was using his biggest was around 14lbs
An angler staying on-site in one of our cottages for a long weekend fished sapphire and had constant action all day long to the point he said it was to easy so went onto emerald pool and done exactly the same and then repeated it again today on emerald so generally the pools are fishing well regardless of weather.
Seven anglers fished on Ruby and everyone caught and one of them actually had 16lbs of silvers along with his carp the highest weight was 29 8oz followed closely by 22lbs 8oz then 19lbs4ozs and 15lbs 4ozs
Surely the weather must improve soon summers just around the corner and the days are getting longer
Watch this space regarding major improvements taking place at this fishery soon including restocking large carp into Jade all work will be carried out with full support of the environment agency and notifications will be posted on this page as and when decisions are made regarding dates but it will be over a winter period and the fishing or fishery will not be affected in an adverse way.
Good times ahead.

20th March
Just a very quick report a night angler from Bristol fished Monday night and Tuesday morning when l spoke to him he’d had 17 carp including a good few doubles one being a 10lb plus common and a 15lb mirror he stayed the day but by removing two trees that fell into emerald l missed him to see what he’d caught in total but I’m sure he had more.
Bait and tactics Unknown I’ll report again after or during the weekend.