Report 25th Feb – 8th Mar 2019


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Benji Williams fished Jade today and had 13 carp all on floating crust biggest 12lb common and that was after a hard frost and bright sun all day not really ideal fishing weather but once again proves that every day is different what works one day won’t work on another.

Just a quick report Dave Bryant from Swindon been with us for a couple of days break as he does several times a year.
He fishes when he feels like it for a couple of hours at a time and on Ruby and emerald he’s done well despite odd weather conditions cold one minute warm the next 
Over a couple of days, he’s had crucian carp to 2lbs countless roach and skimmer bream good general silverfish and carp at well over 100lbs in total with some really good carp well into doubles from sapphire Ruby and emerald.
We’ve got some good anglers on site today and providing the weather holds l’m sure of some good results which will be published soon.
Andy Pilinger fished during the week and on his usual form fished floating crust with over 30 carp average around the 8lb mark he also had several very good crucians also on a floating crust.

2nd March 2019
I said I would report about the fishing on Jade today but unfortunately, l missed them to bloody cold and wet nice and warm by the telly) only joking l was really busy.
Anyway they must have struggled in the wind most likely incredibly difficult hopefully fishing boss Phil Terry will fill us in with results watch this space.
Six anglers on Emerald had reasonable results considering conditions and had weights in the twenties with the top 37lbs not great l know but if you take everything into account they actually done very well and need praise for sticking it out on a day like today lets hope for better weather for next week

3rd March 2019
I’ve just got the basics of Phil Terry’s match and once again considering the conditions l think they done really good. Results below.
1st 86lbs
2nd 65lbs
3rd. 61lbs
4th 49lbs
5th 45lbs
6th 41lbs
Plus a few in the high twenties and silvers once again mid to high twenties.
Phil’s words “another good match.”

8th March 2019
Just a quick report before the weekend.
Bad weather this week hasn’t helped with fishing or anglers actually going fishing but we had a few Taffy from Weston super mare on of our regulars always has good sport on emerald sometimes better than others but usually pretty consistent and this week was no exception catching plenty of carp up to low doubles and countless bream and skimmers.
Another of our regulars Andy Pilinger who fishes floating crust no matter what the weather yesterday in unpleasant conditions had just under 180lbs of carp and three BIGcrucianss just under the surface as his crust starts to sink one over 2lbs one at2lbs 7ozs and one bang one 3lbs now that’s a special fish and he’s had them around that size many times.
Phil from Taunton fished today on Emerald rear bank and had a slow start then had a few carp and bream until the last hour then good consistent action gave him a total of around 60lbs with fish up to 6lbs weighed not guessed.
Here’s hoping for good weather this weekend.