Report 7th – 14th February 2019


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7th February
Today the weathers warmed up and we’ve got anglers on sapphire emerald and jade plenty of fish moving and getting caught in all the ponds no massive catches to talk of but its still only early February and all pools was frozen solid three days ago so catching well is a sign of things to come on Sunday Jade is closed for a match with some very capable anglers so results should be good and will be posted early next week.

10th February
Hopefully a dry week ahead of us so l get our access lane levelled l’ve been waiting for months for it to dry up and apologise to all our anglers for the pot holes that have irritated everyone including myself it’ll be sorted very soon.

14th February
Just done my first walk around the lakes of the day and one angler fishing surface baits on Jade has already had five carp with the biggest so far 13lbs so should be a good productive day l belive his name is Christie l’ll do a full report later today it just goes to show the weather isn’t that important as we had a frost this morning it’s more about being settled into whatever the weathers around at the time and the fish being aclimatised to it.

Clear cold day today winters definitely still with us two anglers fishing ruby caught consistently all day but l don’t have a total weight but it fished well George day and his mate Mel fished emerald pool and both had in excess of 40lbs the match on Jade fished really well with silverfish weights over 40lbs and plenty of weights in the 20to30lbs fishing boss Phill terry fished peg one on emerald (not an easy peg) and won overall with around 60lbs l’m unsure of the total Weight but it was mostly carp.