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Report 19th February 2017


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Report 19th February 2017

Hi all,

Two matches on Emerald and Ruby today, both fished brilliantly with lots of good weights coming out;

Emerald 1st – 51lb, runners up in the 30’s. Mixture of carp and silvers.

Ruby 1st – 68lb, 2nd – 64lb, 3rd – 59lb and runners up in the 40’s and 30’s.

Match on Wednesday on Emerald consisted of weights up into the 70’s, everyone had a brilliant days fishing – “best silver fishing match I have ever had” Quoted from the match host.

2 little children with their parents on Saturday fishing Ruby, first time the children had been fishing absolutely wonderful day filled with fun and lots of fish.

Jade – 5 night anglers doing a 48 hour session over the weekend plenty of fish out, Mike Lansdown and Steve Lansdown both having their personal best out – Mike – 15lb and Steve – 16lb. Generally all fish into double figures, fishing on a variety of baits.


Report By: Lauren Wilkinson


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