Report 25th July 2014


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25th July 2014

Emerald – Kye Robins fishing for the morning before work, caught 72 carp biggest being 9lb and lots of silvers he was using bread on top and luncheon meat. Matt Plum… from Wigan had a mix bag of carp and silvers, biggest cap being 10lb.

Ruby –Keiran Mcelligott from Ireland caught 22 carp on one afternoon using a mixture of baits including bread, luncheon meat and sweetcorn. Overall Ruby is fishing very well, with lots of carp coming out, almost one a cast great for a bit of fun with the kids or an easy days fishing.

Sapphire – Wheatly group on holiday in two of our cottages had a fab week, catching lots of fish trying different methods one of them catching a few hundred pound on one of the days.
Jade –2 children and 2 adults who stayed overnight caught a 150 carp using boilies biggest being 22lb, had a great stay in one of the cabins. Robert Lee, was meant to be night fishing but caught so many fish, biggest being 16lb, that he had a back back and couldn’t night fish haha.

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Report by: Lauren Wilkinson