Report 6th June 2014


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6th June 2014

Emerald– Jennifer Peard catching lots of carp, silvers, roach, and bream, this was caught mostly on bread on top. Mike Lowe was on his 15th carp in a few hours, including roach and bream. Taffy, a regular customer, had a total weight of 90lb consisting of mainly carp fishing with hard pellet. Andy Pillinger caught over 200lb, consisting of 30 carp, tench, bream, hybrids, roach, rudd and crusian carp, he was fishing on luncheon meat and bread. Wilf Carriere caught a variety of fish catching over a 100lb using a range of baits incluting sweet corn, pelllet, maggots and bread.

Ruby– Eric Johnson fished for silver fish having abundance of tench bream and roach over a few hours fishing on sweet corn. Tim Smith fishing with his child for the day, had a great days fishing, his child fished for the first time absolutely loved it catching a wide range of fish including carp up to 6lb, bream up to 3lb and Roach up to 1lb.

Sapphire– Bob Evans from Chesterfield, has had a great weeks fishing staying In one of the holiday cottages, on 1 particular day caught a great total weight including 24 carp, lots of roach, 6 tech and 2 bream biggest carp being 6lb, overall weight being 70lb. Jeffory Simmons, also staying in one of the holiday cottage at the fishery have a total weight over the week of 200lb with a mixture of breeds, mainly carp, fishing with carp mix paste.

Jade– Pete Williams caught a 26lb ghost carp, bait unknown, fishing for a night in the week. Jade has had many other anglers fishing this week, names unknown, however with the bright sunshine fish were being caught on top with crusty bread and pellets with different flavourings added


Report by: Lauren Wilkinson